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Cas Series

S21 E18

S21 E18 (31 Dec 06) : The Sunny Side of the Street (Part Two) by Gaby Chiappe

Episode Summary

Prostitutes and punters make a desperate bid to escape as fire rages at the brothel. While staff at the hospital are alerted to the incident, Guppy and Abs provide back-up at the scene. Guppy becomes trapped with an injured man, George, inside the burning building. He follows Maggie’s instructions over the phone, until Jordi tries to hinder his treatment. Guppy fights with Jordi over being able to help the man. Jordi is later crushed when Guppy and George are saved by firemen.

After his ordeal, Guppy speaks to Alice and asks her to go for a drink.Sam overhears and is not pleased.

Others injured include punter Vincent who falls from the burning building, injuring his testes and suffering burns. Whilst MP Sarah Keith suffers glass cuts to her hand and receives an unwarm welcome by staff, apart from Nathan.

Meanwhile, Charlie finds Harry upset in his office – he takes him up to the hospital roof where Harry is disillusioned with life and devestated by Ellen’s death. When Charlie leaves Harry to contemplate things, he finds a suicidal Nessa also up on the roof. She has nail-gunned her hand to scaffolding and Harry helps treat her. At the end of his shift, Harry decides to run for the local bi-election.

Two prisoners, Tyrell and Billy are still in the hospital. Tyrell accidentally cuts Billy’s hand which angers Billy however when Tyrell is later found dead after hanging himself in a cubicle, Billy and nurse Sam both feel for the youngster.


* Nessa Read – nail-guns hand to scaffolding.

* Tyrell Cater – hangs himself.

* George Prior – broken ribs, punctured lung.

* Jordi – dies after being crushed in burning building.

* Vincent Oliver – burns and injured testes.

* Sarah Keith – glass cuts to hand.

Notable Facts

* Cassandra Compton plays Nessa Read.

* Clive Russell plays Billy McCabe.

* Harry reveals to Charlie that Ellen had got the all-clear from her cancer results.

* Disillusioned Harry says ‘We’re putting sticking plaster over arterial bleeds!’

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Screencaps : S21 E18

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