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Cas Series

2.10 Rock-a-Bye-Baby – 14/11/87

S2 E10 (14 Nov 87) : Rock-a-Bye-Baby by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

Charlie takes a test drive in a Cadillac, which he considers buying with his winnings. Duffy’s boyfriend offers her an all expenses trip to California, but she refuses.

An old woman, Lillian, is brought in by her daughter, after she has fallen from her commode. She has arthritis and is on the waiting list for a hip replacement. On seeing her suffering, Charlie considers spending his money on his Mum – who also needs a new hip.

A group of yelling skinheads enter the department and cause disruption, one has a cut head. They insult Cyril, and the police are eventually called to take them away. Again, Ewart pleads with Elizabeth to get them a security officer.

Teenage girl, Tina, is taken to a school show reluctantly by her father, Mike. After he drops her off, she sneaks out and goes off with three friends, Jason, Paul and Kevin. By the canal, they sniff lighter fuel and she and Paul fall in the water. As they get out, Tina falls into unconsciousness – Paul and Kevin run off, leaving Jason to call an ambulance. Keith and Shirley arrive to find her body, while her father is waiting for her at the school. Tina is taken to CRASH, where the team battle to save her. Jason arrives to see how she is, but runs off again – Duffy chases after him, and finds out the details of the incident. Her distraught parents, Mike and Sheila, are told by Ewart that she is dead.

Jaqui Hewitt brings in her baby boy, Sean, who she claims has fallen out of a window. Jaqui tells Megan, her partner, Tony (who isn’t the boy’s father) hits him. The police arrive and place a safety order on the child.

In the morning Keith dashes off to be with his wife, who’s gone into labour. Elizabeth gives Ewart the spare set of keys to her house, and Charlie meets Karen. She hopefully gives Charlie her phone number in London. Charlie also sees a £600 Land Rover, which he is interested in buying instead of the Cadillac.


* Elderly lady, Lillian Whiting – with arthritis, falls off her commode, needs a hip replacement.

* Tina Cray, teenager – sniffs lighter fuel and falls into canal – she dies.

* Baby Sean Hewitt – is brought in by mother Jaqui. He has bruises and has been mistreated by her partner, Tony.

* Skin heads – one with a cut head.

First Scene/words

Block of flats, baby Sean is crying – Jaqui & Tony turn the TV up, Tony goes and sees Sean. Charlie is trying out a new car;

Man : Good brakes an’ all!

Charlie : Just testing!

Last Scene/words

Charlie : Hey that’s not..

Karen : No it’s mine in London, I thought you were gonna get a Cadillac with all this money.

Charlie : Yeah well, plans change don’t they?

Notable Facts

* Edna Dore plays Lillian White.

* The canal where Tina fell was at Austen Bridge.

* The man offers Charlie £3,500 for the Cadillac.

* Ewart wants a three month trial of security.

* The team resuscitate Tina for one hour 10 minutes, before certifying her dead at 23.24.

* Peter owns a red car, D390 BLL.

* Cyril owns a moped.

* The Land Rover Charlie sees is green, DSA 39C

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