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Cas Series

3.01 Welcome to Casualty – 9/9/88

S3 E1 (9 Sep 88) : Welcome to Casualty by David Ashton

Episode Summary

Cyril has been working in theatre at Queens hospital for six months. He visits Holby A&E, and asks Charlie’s opinion on him returning to his job – Charlie isn’t keen, believing he should apply for something better, but he’s already got the job. Megan is living alone in a high rise flat, she sees her husband in Cheltenham every fortnight.

Ewart sees his friend, George, an ex-Police Officer, who is working as a security officer on a building site. He’s sad at having to leave the Police force for being too old. After Ewart leaves, he is brutally attacked by two youths – and bites one of them. George is sent to the Observation ward and on the way, notices the man he bit in a cubicle, he tells the police who arrest him and his friend.

A woman arrives at A&E to see Duffy. It turns out that she is Peter’s sister, Jill. She tells Duffy that Peter has died in a car crash. Jill gives Duffy a letter from Peter, it contains a pressed rose. Duffy is upset.

While working at his father, Tom’s garage, a young girl mechanic, Viv, has a car fall on top – after another mechanic accidentally drives into her. New SHO, David Rowe, has to tell her she faces paralyses from the neck down. He finds it difficult that he cannot help her, Charlie tells him it’s part of the job, and he mustn’t forget what he sees.

A lorry driver, John, is brought in after supposedly collapsing and complaining of sickness. Megan and Charlie suspect he is a hopper, and Charlie checks the files, which proves them right. He flees as soon as he’s rumbled, and David is annoyed at getting the diagnosis wrong.

An old lady is brought in with a fractured wrist, she can only remember her first name is Mary. Charlie sends her to the Obs ward, which irates David as he wasn’t informed, as he was going to send her home.

A couple come in, the man wanting drugs for his pains. He is annoyed that Duffy won’t give him a small prescription, and shows that they were only after it for the drugs. Kuba is trying to improve his English. Ewart meets new Outpatients Officer, Valerie Sinclair. Elizabeth has left and gone to America – fed up of Ewart being ‘married to casualty’. Ewart and Valerie have a hard first meeting. Susie, the receptionist, has also left for a better job, being replaced by tough Sadie Tomkins, and two new Student Nurses also join the team – Kiran Joghill and Alison McGrellis.


* George Dunwoody – an ex-Police Officer, now a security officer, is attacked on site. He has three fractured ribs and fractured cheek bone.

* Man – one who attacked George, is bitten by him and goes to A&E. He is soon arrested.

* Viv Baxter – young female mechanic, paralysed from neck down after car falls down on her

* Mary – an old lady with fractured wrist. Can’t remember where she lives. Sent to Obs ward.

* John Albert Newgent – ‘German Johnny’ – lorry driver fakes pains, found to be a hopper

First Scene/words

(Radio / ambulance going up road / woman in car)

Woman : God bless. (Radio carries on: ‘This is your fave DJ Donald Duck…’)

Megan : (in her flat) Quack quack.

Last Scene/words

David : No, no I’ll do it. (on telling Mr Baxter about his daughter Viv)

Charlie : David, welcome to casualty!

Notable Facts

* Cyril owns a red mo-ped.

* Sadie’s husband, Bill died. She now lives with his mother, and her two daughters.

* Peter’s funeral was last week .

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