S23 E28

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S23 E28 (7 Mar 09) : Before a Fall by Martin Jameson

Episode Summary

Kelsey arrives at work to find she has put a lot of noses out of joint. Tess, Charlie, Zoe and, most importantly, Alice, all snub her attempts at apologising. She tries to retract her resignation but Tess informs her that it’s not so simple. A patient escaping from a life without love then gives her inspiration.

Adam is still confined to cubicles, which he is finding increasingly difficult – especially when he has to deal with a junkie trying all sorts of tricks to get a methadone prescription. He is forced to re-evaluate his method of care when the patient ends up on the roof of the Emergency Department, threatening to throw herself off. Jay, meanwhile, shows that his ability to connect with people is his hidden strength – but will it be enough to keep his job?

A distraught Alice is trying – and failing – to get over Curtis, who has broken her heart … until she discovers that things may not be quite as they seem.

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