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Cas Series

2.08 Cross Fingers – 31/10/87

S2 E8 (31 Oct 87) : Cross Fingers by David Ashton

Episode Summary

Cyril and Karen are both revising for their exams, Cyril thinks it will be a breeze, but Karen is nervous. Charlie discovers Megan is moonlighting for an agency at a private nursing home, to earn extra money. Duffy is keeping quiet about her new boyfriend, Peter – the first since her rape ordeal, until Karen spills the beans infront of Susie that she saw them together. Susie is annoyed Duffy didn’t tell her, but apologises later for being nosey.

Elizabeth goes to see Ewart, she is angry as he has been avoiding her, but he says it’s because Roz has hired a private detective to get information for the divorce case, and he didn’t want Elizabeth to get involved.

A heavy gambler, Vic Dancer, wants his girlfriend, Judy, to come to the casino with him, as she’s his good luck charm. But she is ill, and says she will come later. Judy gets into Ted’s cab and asks him to take her to the casino, but Ted takes her to the hospital instead, and on her wish he goes to the casino where Vic, and his friend Harry, are playing to let him know. But he stays put as he’s winning, and doesn’t believe it’s serious. But Judy has meningitis. Vic comes to see her in the morning, where she tells him their relationship is over.

A footballing friend of Cyril’s, Windy Gale, comes in complaining of chest and leg pains, after he twisted his ankle in a game the previous week. Cyril doesn’t think it’s serious, but Mary discovers he has a deep vein thrombosis in his leg.

A young girl, Cindy, is brought in by her Mum, with a fractured arm. She is crying loudly and Kuba is brought in with his magic tricks to calm her down. And an ex-Army officer, Mr Osmond, who has a burnt hand is treated by Cyril. At first he is reluctant, but is later pleased to have been treated by him.

At the end of shift, Cyril and Karen, are given lucky charms by the staff to wish them good luck. Charlie receives a letter – he has won £5,000 on the Premium Bonds.


* Judy Wilson – 20 years old, with meningicocal meningitis.

* Windy Gale – diagnosed with DV thrombosis, after coming in with chest and leg pains.

* Cindy – young girl with fractured arm.

* Mr Osmond – ex-Army officer, with burnt hand.

First Scene/words

Karen in launderette, talking to herself – trying to revise her notes, a child knocks her and spills drink on her paper – they’re damaged, and the child sticks her tongue out at her. / Cyril is running through the park listening to football on his walkman. / Nursing home – Megan is working there. / Charlie is at home writing a cheque, lighting a cigarette – then puts it out. / Megan goes home – the place is a mess;

Megan : Good dog… Sam! Turn the blasted music down, horrid music

Ted : Hello love, sorry about the mess, we’ll do it when the match is over.

Last Scene/words

Charlie : I’ve done it! I’ve won! 5,000 quid…

(Karen and Cyril are in exam room – Karen crosses her fingers as the exam starts)

Notable Facts

* Ian Reddington (Tricky Dicky in Eastenders) plays Vic Dancer.

* Keith’s wife was a Student Nurse, she is now pregnant.

* Casino is at 77 Alexandra Street.

* Karen is 20 and has been nursing for 3 years.

* Karen and Cyril’s exam is on Wednesday at 2pm.

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