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Cas Series

2.13 Peace Brother – 5/12/87

S2 E13 (5 Dec 87) : Peace Brother by David Ashton

Episode summary

Mary’s parents, George and Ann, are staying with her, when diabetic, unemployed George collapses after overdosing on his tablets. Ewart treats him, while Megan rings Mary’s boyfriend, Brendan, to look after Ann at home. The team are curious to see him.

Duffy confides her worry about Peter to Susie, after she went round his house to no avail. Susie tries to phone him, but he hangs up. He eventually comes to A&E, he is cold toward Duffy when she tries to help him.

Charlie’s jeep breaks down again – Ted gives him a lift to work. Ted tells Charlie that his plans to move have fallen through, even though Megan wasn’t going to go anyway. He tells Charlie he will have cooked breakfast waiting for her in the morning.

Edward Castle ‘Big Ted’, a traveller, sets up site with his large family on some land. The landowner is furious and gathers some friends to fight with them. During the fight, Zara, Big Ted’s son is pushed over, and they take him to casualty. Mary thinks the social worker should be called, but Charlie and Megan disagree. Zara is kept in overnight on observation, after an x-ray, so the large tribe wait for him in reception, causing havoc. Gnasher even bites a new policeman, PC Wallis, in the ankle – leaving him to have a tetanus jab in the bum.

Mr O’Grady, a drunk man is brought in with a hurt arm, and Cyril and Charlie have to lift a large man to a cubicle, after he drops a bowling ball on his foot. Ewart avoids seeing Elizabeth’s daughter, Louise. Him and Elizabeth meet to introduce a Norman Healy, from a new security firm – Elizabeth is keen to hire him, but Ewart is not so sure. Kuba is suffering from a cold, he refuses to take pills, but cures himself with natural remedies.


* George Tomlinson – Mary’s father, takes too many of his diabetic pills. They give him glucose and he stays in overnight.

* Zara Castle – young boy, knocked unconscious after being pushed over. Sent to Obs ward overnight.

* Mr O’Grady – drunk man with hurt arm.

* ‘Fat’ man – drops bowling ball on foot.

First Scene/words

Ambulance trying to get through traffic;

Keith : Stone the crows, mm terrific, this is all we need. (beeping horn, ambulance moves through some traffic) Cheers mate!

Big Ted : Peace brother! (ambulance goes off) Up yours brother!

Last Scene/words

Ewart : But what moral can we draw from tonight’s activities?

Charlie : There’s no responsibility without freedom

Ewart : And there’s no freedom without responsibility

Megan : And what does that mean?

Charlie : Buggared if I know, peace brother!

Notable Facts

* Brian Pringle plays George Tomlinson.

* Annie Jameson plays Ann Tomlinson.

* Jonathan Oliver plays Brendan.

* George was made redundant, he also reveals how Mary had speech training lessons to get rid of her ‘Newcastle’ accent

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