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Cas Series

26.39 Zero Sum Game – 7/7/12

S26 E39 (7 Jul 12) : Zero Sum Game by Kelly Jones

Episode Summary

As Sam prepares to return to the army, new nurse Fletch joins the ED team.

Sam has high hopes of returning to Afghanistan, but when she falters during a training exercise she is forced to question whether she will ever be ready to face a war zone again.

On her way home she comes across Captain Morrison, a former army colleague, who is slumped in a crashed vehicle. Suspecting that he has had an epileptic fit she is torn over whether she should tell the army the truth of her suspicions, which could end his military career.

Meanwhile Fletch is making a favourable impression with everyone – except for  Lloyd. But they are forced to work together to help Amy, whose initial joy at discovering she is pregnant turns to horror when the true diagnosis is made.

Notable Facts

  • The episode was originally scheduled for broadcast on 30th June but was postponed due to Wimbledon.

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Screencaps : S26 E39

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