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Cas Series

S8 E13

S8 E13 (11 Dec 93) : The Good Life by Susan Wilkins

Episode Summary

Duffy arrives to work and is greeted by cards and balloons. It is her last day at work. She chats to Adele, but then when Charlie approaches, they do not speak. Duffy tells Adele she thinks he is being childish acting the way he is, but Adele says that they are as bad as each other. In response, Duffy tells Adele she’d be great at the new Sister, and she considers it. Ash overhears, and is not happy. He wanted the job himself and expected Duffy to support him.

A woman and her husband are discussing something in their kitchen when their nanny appears at the door, unable to speak. The woman immediately knows that there is something wrong with her young baby, Jessica, and runs upstairs to the nursery. When she arrives, Jessica is not breathing. They rush her to the hospital where the CRASH team take over. Mary and Karen are shocked at the sight of the baby, but Tom and Duffy remain calm, and try to treat the baby. Despite all efforts, Jessica dies. The father of the baby shouts at Karen and the rest, saying that they just left his daughter to die. Unable to remain at the hospital, he goes home and phones his lawyer. When he cannot get an answer, he goes up to Jessica’s nursery. On the way, he frightens the nanny into leaving, but then breaks down against the baby’s cot. Meanwhile, his wife agrees to see the baby so she can say goodbye. Duffy stays with her and gets tearful.

When Duffy she comes out of the relatives’ room, she bumps into Charlie. They are silent for a moment. Duffy asks Charlie if he can do something for her. He asks what – She asks him to give her a hug, and he does, both looking relieved and happy. They walk into admin, arms still around eachother, and the staff leave for the pub to have a drink with Duffy.

Some travellers are trying to restart their van, which has broken down. They manage to get it to work again, and drive on. One of the men has a bad cough. The van stops again in a field, and some police approach. They tell them that they cannot camp in the field, and one of the travellers gets angry and says that if he was rich and in a suit, the police would have not approached him. They get into a fight but the man with the cough keels over. He goes into hospital with the other travellers, and is treated by Karen. She thinks he may have Aids but after consulting with Tom and visiting the patient again, they realise that he has TB.

Last Scene/words

Charlie: What are you going to call this baby, then?

Duffy: Charlie.

Charlie: What if it’s a girl?

Duffy: Especially if it’s a girl.

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