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Cas Series

4.1 Chain Reaction – 8/9/89

S4 E1 (8 Sep 89) : Chain Reaction by Ginnie Hole

Episode Sumary

At the start of the season, we meet a set of new staff – a leather motorcyclist arrives in A&E, and unzips. It’s Alex Spencer, a new Student Nurse. Also arrives new SHO Lucy Perry, registrar Andrew Bower – who is dating newly promoted Sister Duffy – and comic porter, Jimmy Powell, who is already getting into trouble – Charlie tells him off for not doing his work.

A woman, Barbara Hayden, is brought in with a heavy PV bleed. Lucy treats her and finds advanced signs of cervical cancer, Duffy is annoyed with her attitude, when she says it’s her fault for not getting it checked out earlier. Barbara’s two young children, Jessica and Brian, arrive to see her.

Two policeman, Tony and Nick, talk to a young hitchhiker, Jane, just before she gets a lift with a man. As she tries to resist his sexual advances, he crashes the car and Jane goes through the windscreen. This causes a pile up – where another car is spun over – in which the male driver dies – and a lorry carrying drums of chemicals crashes.

Nick persuades Tony to turn back to check on Jane, but come across the accident. As Tony goes to help the injured, he falls into a pool of hydrochloric acid and is severely burned. As his pregnant wife, Lorna, arrives to see him in A&E, he dies. Jimmy comforts his friend, Nick.

Cyril and Lucy go to the scene and treat the lorry driver, Len, by performing a chest drain. The mother comes to see runaway Jane in hospital, she has head injuries. The driver of the car she was in has a ruptured spleen.

Cyril has applied for a job in ITU and Charlie reveals Megan’s husband has left her after 25 years of marriage, and although Valerie has dumped her boyfriend Michael – she and Charlie aren’t together.


* 39 year old Barbara Hayden – has advanced cervical cancer.


* Jane, teenage hitchhiker, goes through windscreen and suffers head injuries.

* Driver with Jane – ruptured spleen.

* Len, lorry driver – has tension pneumothorax after Lucy performs a chest drain at the scene. Also has broken ribs.

* Policeman, Tony Mitten suffers severe burns and dies.

* Man in another car, dies as it turns over.

First Words/ scene

Motorway, lorry driver Len, listening to music – a motorbike overtakes him and he shakes his head.

Len : Someone doesn’t wanna live!

Last Scene/words

(Charlie switches off machine)

Duffy : (to Lucy) Would you like a cup of tea?

Lucy : Yes please (Duffy exits) They always say when policeman get younger (Charlie nods, and pulls sheet over PC Tony’s body)

Notable Facts

* Stephen Tomkinson plays PC Tony Mitten.

* Alex has recently been in Monaco.

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