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Cas Series

S16 E40

S16 E40 (29 Jun 02) : Code Red by Paul Cornell

Episode Summary

Harry Harper celebrates with the staff at the news he has become Consultant. He lets to slip to Charlie that he believes management pushed Max out of his job. Charlie angrily confronts Jan for lying to him and for making Max a scapegoat. He then breaks up with her.

Lara visits David Collier in ITU – he wakes up from unconsciousness to greet her. His wife, Melanie, confronts Lara – Lara tells her he must pay for what he’s done. In ITU, David denies Lara’s allegations to Melanie and as he makes threats against Lara, he suddenly arrests and dies.

Jack phones Nikki on her mobile telling her he has a surprise in store for when she finishes work. After being told by Josh that she is unable to take her own initiative, she takes on a shout with Fin to an estate – which was previously intended for Josh and Comfort. When Nikki and Fin arrive at the flat door – they find a pool of blood. Fin wants to wait for police back up, but Nikki decides to head on in. They find a man, Wayne, stabbed in the groin, but as they try to deal with him, his attacker tells them they must let him die as he had an affair with his wife. In the scuffle, he stabs Nikki in the abdomen and Fin’s hands. Finn is chased out of the flat and retreats to his ambulance where he calls for immediate assistance ‘Code Red’. Josh, Comfort and the police arrive at the scene – and enter the flat. Comfort manages to talk the attacker into giving himself up, and as the police try to grab him, he flees and jumps off the balcony. Nikki and Wayne are rushed in. At A&E, news quickly spreads of Nikki’s attack. Jack is taken to the staff room and Charlie tells him the news. He is completely distraught. Wayne dies in Resus and the attacker is saved but with severe injuries. Jack stays at an unconscious Nikki’s bedside as the team battle to save her. Jack gets a radio with a song dedication he had planned and proposes to her. She then arrests.

Josh blames himself for Nikki’s injuries. Comfort sees an injured Finn in a cubicle. She hugs him, but tells him not to get the wrong idea – however he says it’s a good idea and that he can’t stop how he feels.

The police arrive in Resus to arrest Lara for the death of David Collier. She is taken away, as Jack pleads with Nikki to be saved.


* David Collier – dies in ITU.

* Paramedic Nikki – stabbed in abdomen.

* Paramedic Finn – stab wounds to both hands.

* Wayne – stabbed in groin and dies.

* Attacker – jumps off balcony. Severe injuries.

First Scene/ words

Nikki and Finn are in their ambulance. Nikki puts a surgical glove on her head and impersonates Josh;

Nikki : Hello, my name is Josh and I would like to meet someone much younger than myself for intimate discussions of yorkshire puddings and medical issues.. you’ve made good progress Nikki, but you’ve always got me looking over your shoulder..

Last Scene/ words

The team are resuscitating Nikki in CRASH;

Policewoman : Sorry Dr Stone, you’ve got to come with me

Jack : Save her!… Nikki (Lara is taken away by the police)

Notable Facts

* Dorian Healy plays David Collier.

* Jack’s song dedication on the radio was ‘By Your Side’ by Sade.

Screencaps : S16 E40

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