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Cas Series

S11 E09

S11 E9 (9 Nov 96) : Another Day in Paradise by Tony McHale

Episode Summary

Two little girls are rescued by Josh and Liz in the helicopter from a caravan site where a caravan has come adrift and crashed. Parent argue about whose fault it was. One of the mothers has to reconsider how she has brought up her child.

A young builder is brought in with an arm wound caused by a chisel. It transpires he has a history of self-mutilation. He leaves after being stitched up, but is later rushed back into Holby having jumped off a high-rise building.

Trevor has pneumonia and Kate and her children must decide whther he should be treated or not. With anguish they decide not to allow treatment. On Baz’s first day back the nanny brings baby Louis in to visit.

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