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Cas Series

S21 E17

S21 E17 (30 Dec 06) : The Sunny Side of the Street (Part One) by Gaby Chiappe

Episode Summary

Staff members attend Ellen’s funeral. Josh, who has been signed off work for 6 months, also attends and angrily blames Harry for Ellen’s death and the hospital’s demise. Charlie later persuades Josh to do something pro-active in his time off, like travelling.

When Kelsey is forced to borrow money from Guppy to make ends meet, a patient suggests she work as a receptionist for escorts and hands her a business card.

An accident involving a vanload of prisoners and a crowd of residents protesting against a brothel ensures the staff have their hands full.

Two prisoners, Tyrell and Billy are brought in. Billy, who smuggled a blade into the van suspects Tyrell of taking it following the crash.

Elderly protestor, Violet, is also taken in with her husband of 60 years, Victor. She has glass in her eye. However when her husband collapses and dies, Guppy faces telling Violet the news.

During a shout, paramedics Cyd and Greg find someone has left a newborn baby in the back of their ambulance which staff later name ‘Ellen’. When young prostitute Nessa is brought after being injured outside the brothel, staff discover she is the mother. However when Maggie learns Nessa is also a heroin addict, this has implications on her baby.

One of the protestors, Jordi, who has mental issues and is taken in with hand injuries later returns to the brothel and torches the place. Whilst Guppy finds Harry crying in his office.


* Baby girl ‘Ellen’ – newborn baby with heroin addiction from mother.

* Nessa Read – drug addict with arm fracture.

* Violet Brook – eye damage.

* Victor Brook – dies.

* Tyrell Cater – injuries from prison van crash.

* Billy McKay – lacerations to face and hand.

* Lynn Parry – cut face

* Jordi – hand injuries

Notable Facts

* Harry Towb plays Victor Brook.

* Gudrun Ure plays Violet Brook.

* Clive Russell plays Billy McCabe.

* Cassandra Compton plays Nessa Read.

* When the media are still sniffing round the department following Ellen’s death, Dixie bluntly says ‘Press love a pretty face especially a dead one’.

* When the newborn baby found dumped is brought into the department, Maggie says ‘Another beautiful girl – I think we should call her Ellen’.

* During the funeral speech, Harry says ‘We are here to celebrate the life of a heroine’.

* Josh angrily blames Harry, calling him a ‘deluded man standing on a sinking ship’.

* Later Josh tells Charlie ‘I wasn’t always like this – a grumpy old git. Well I wasn’t always old..’

* Angry that Selena was harsh on prostitute Nessa, Maggie says ‘Sleeping with someone for your own advantage is hardly a practice restricted to the sex industry, is it?’

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