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Cas Series

6.01 Humpty Dumpty – 6/9/91

s6e1S6 E1 (6 Sep 91) : Humpty Dumpty by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

Beth attends an interview for a GP post – Julian asks her to stay at A&E and at the end of shift she agrees to stay. Student Nurse, Kelly Liddle, arrives at A&E for her first shift – Jimmy recognises her face, she tells him they spent the night together after a geriatric party. New receptionist, Norma, seems very serious and moody.

Julian tells off patient, Paddy, a mountaineer, who has a knocked knee and keeps coming back to A&E, but keeps failing to turn up for his orthopedic appointment.

Teenage outward bounders, Nick and his girlfriend Louise, Terry, Jude, Ray and Lee foolishly tackle a rock face. Nick and Terry both fall to the cliff base and a rock falls on to Terry’s leg. Jude, at the top, has hypothermia, after he had earlier fell into the river. Julian and Duffy are winched to the rescue by helicopter. Julian performs an emergency amputation on Terry’s foot at the scene. Jane abseils down the cliff to treat Jude. At A&E, Nick has an operation after he suffers a fractured pelvis and femur, Louise gives him a necklace. Julian checks over Paddy’s knee again, after he finds him working at the rescue attempt.

Beth respects a dying cancer sufferer, Timothy’s wishes not to prolong his life, after his partner, Zoe, shows a form he’s signed. Ash disagrees with her ethics. Kelly makes her first mistake when his daughter, Karen, arrives and tells her he’s died. She calls in the police, accusing Zoe of killing her father Charlie warns Beth to make sure all her notes are complete.


* Paddy – mountaineer rescuer, severe knee damage.

* Nick – 17 year old falls off cliff edge – head and spine injuries, fractured pelvis and femur.

* Terry – falls off cliff edge and rock falls on leg – Julian is forced to amputate.

* Jude – after falling into river earlier, he has hypothermia.

* Timothy Forrester – terminal cancer, overdoses on pills. His wife says he doesn’t want any treatment, Beth respects his wishes, and he dies.[/color]

First Scene/words

Group of trekkers are walking near river;

Louise : I’m wet!

Man : Alright Tel?

Terry : Yeah just the blisters, last time I wear them boots

Lee: I’ll find out how much further

Roy : Isn’t it about time we had a break? Your old school chums throwing again, don’t even bother to talk to me now.

Last Scene/words

Beth : The daughter has alleged that Zoe killed him.

Charlie : Listen Beth, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but can I make a suggestion? Make sure all your notes have got every last detail down, OK?

Notable Facts

* Marc Warren (The Vice) plays Nick.

* The mountain accident was at Merlins Loop, and the cliff was 180ft.

* Dr Claydon interviewed Beth.

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