S10 E39

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Linden visits wife Olivia’s grave to lay flowers and is annoyed to find it’s covered in graffiti. Unable to clean it off, an angry Linden arrives late for work, where he tends to Liam Harris, a dancer with an hernia, who needs an operation. As Linden prepares for surgery, he realises that Olivia’s silver locket is missing and becomes even more frustrated.

In theatre, Linden gets annoyed with Maddy’s banter with anesthetist Jamie, and loses his temper, angrily telling her to get out. As Linden continues to operate alone, complications occur and Liam dies. Later, Linden returns to Olivia’s grave to clean it and lay flowers and is surprised to discover that someone has beat him to it.

Out of intensive care, Jac quizzes Joseph about what happened in South Africa, but he’s reluctant to tell. As Jac digs for information, Joseph reveals that he and Faye got engaged but that no one knows, and Jac shows a softer side. Later, Jac develops breathing problems and is rushed into theatre where Joseph and Elliot manage to stablise her.

Also, Elliot is upset to learn that Lady Bryne has left Holby.

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