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HC Past Series

S5 E08

s5e8S5 E8 (26 Nov 02) : Ladies’ Night by Tony McHale

Episode Summary

Owen, Danny and Mubbs are having a night out, and all of them are worrying about women. Owen is wondering where Chrissie is, and Mubbs keeps winding him up, while Danny is thinking about what he did to Diane by sleeping with Lisa. Mubbs, meanwhile, finds a pair of drunk girls which he vigorously chats up.

Chrissie is still working, but Ed is ignoring her. She asks to speak to him and says that if he thinks what they did was a mistake then it’s fine, but he cant ignore her. He asks her to wait for an hour until he’s off duty to speak to him, and she does so, leaving Owen phoning her from home. When they talk, Ed admits that he hasn’t told anyone about his dad in six years, and feels emotionally vulnerable. Chrissie wants continue seeing him but Ed reveals his wife cheated on him when they were together and that he won’t put Owen through that hurt.

Mubbs is pleased about last night’s conquest, as Danny owes him £20 as he pulled first. Owen tells him off and says it could reflect badly on the hospital, but that’s not a problem – he said he was a pilot! However, Owen’s next patient turns out to be Gina from the night before who is having a hysterectomy, accompanied by her boyfriend. Their relationship is obviously awkward but when she sees Mubbs she changes her mind. She starts saying she doesn’t want the operation and then, in full view of the ward, announces she spent the night with Mubbs. Her boyfriend reacts angrily and hits Mubbs. Owen is forced to call security, and is furious with Mubbs. However, Mubbs’ doing appears to have actually done some good, as she tells her boyfriend she felt unloved. She then says that she will have the operation and wants to marry him, while Mubbs lies and says that nothing really did happen with them.

Inspired by the affection shown by his patients, Owen goes up to see Chrissie. He says he’ll cook for her that evening, and Chrissie, having just argued with Ed, is all over him. She tells Owen that he’s exactly what she needs, and the pair share a kiss. Owen looks pleased with himself, and gets set to propose to Chrissie that night.

Chrissie, however, asks Ed to go for a drink later. Ed feels sensitive that Chrissie knows a lot about his past, but Chrissie says she doesn’t judge him badly for it and is honoured that he chose to tell her. Chrissie is supporting and they go back to the hospital, and start making out in the store cupboard. Chrissie and Ed tell each other that it’s just sex, after all Chrissie says she’s not the marrying kind anyway. Meanwhile, Owen is pulling off rose petals to line the flat with, and dotting candles around and preparing a great meal.

Owen patiently waits for Chrissie to return, and accepts her apologies when she’s late. She’s not hungry, but Owen keeps the mood romantic by proposing to her. Her first reaction is that he wants to marry her because he doesnt trust her, but he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. They hug, and Chrissie looks scared. Will she say yes or no?


– Mojan Asha, brought in after a heart attack brought on by his wife Bamita’s “mugging”. The mugging turns out to be a rape, and it becomes evident that the person who raped her was her daughter Meera’s fiance. When Meera finds out, she tries to kill Jay, and he is brought in with injuries.

– Gina, brought in for a hysterectomy. She’s having doubts after seeing Mubbs, her one night stand from the night before. She tells her boyfriend that she slept with Mubbs and he is furious. She then says its because she felt unloved, and the pair sort it out and she decides to have the operation and marry him afterwards, prompting Owen to think about his own issues.


First Scene/words

[Danny, Mubbs and Owen are in the bar. Danny and Mubbs are having a beer, while Owen is trying to get hold of Chrissie]

Danny: Ah, this is exactly what I needed tonight.

Last Scene/words

Chrissie: Why do you want to marry me?

Owen: Because I love you.

Chrissie: Not because you don’t trust me?

Owen: No, what makes you say that?

Chrissie: Because you were ringing, you were trying to find me..

Owen: I wasn’t.

Chrissie: That’s what it felt like.

Owen: Okay, I wanna marry you because I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, I was hoping you’d feel the same about me.

[They hug]

Guide by Sophs & Karin.

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