S19 E45

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S19 E45 (30 Jul 05) : Aftermath by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Claire is still angry with Luke for leaving her at Pete’s funeral and says she can’t forgive him. However after thinking it over, they both decide to give things another go as they still love eachother.

Elsewhere, Guppy is still annoyed at Harry’s involvement in the clinical trail and requests a transfer.

Meanwhile, Maggie’s son brings Stan to work saying he cannot cope with him anymore. Maggie leaves her father in the staff room but is at her wits end when she later finds him wandering around in his underwear.

Kelsey Phillips comes round to look at the department before joining as a nurse. An old man, Rudy, is in ED with a urine infection and recognises Kelsey, who has treated him in the past.

A 10 year old boy, Liam, comes in with a self-inflicted burn to his hand. His father is at his wits end with his son’s troublesome behaviour. Liam’s mother and brother have both recently been killed in a car accident, and feels his dad blames him so therefore punishes himself for not also being hurt in the previous crash.

A security guard, Kevin, is taken into resus after being stabbed, but Guppy and Harry are unable to save him. Guppy tells his disbelieving mother the bad news.


* Liam Woodbridge – self-inflicted burn injury.

* Rudy Goldspink – urine infection.

* Kevin Mellor – dies of stab wound.

Notable Facts

* Jack Smethurst plays Stan Powell.

* Thomas Hudson plays Jamie Coldwell.

* Ellen Thomas (Liz in Teachers) plays Stephanie Mellor.

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