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Cas Series

5.12 All’s Fair – 30/11/90

s5e12S5 E12 (30 Nov 90) : All’s Fair by Stephen Wyatt

Episode Summary

14 year old, Jane Jameson is brought in after being found by her Dad, Mike, collapsed in the bathroom, after overdosing on his valium pills. Her elder sister, Claire, arrives and reveals to Megan that since being widowed, he sexually abused her and now she’s left home, she’s sure he’s doing it to her. Beth confronts Mike, and he admits his wrong and asks for Claire’s forgiveness.

On his weekend off, Julian goes to woodland to play paintball, with his old friend Ronnie and his staff. Julian’s partner, Malcolm, dislocates his ankle, after falling from a rope bridge, and Julian drives him to A&E. The team are amused to see him in his camouflage gear. Malcolm is emotional, and to make matters worse, Ronnie fires him.Leigh and his younger brother, Scott, go out to play football, with Leigh’s friend. Scott wants to join their club and to enter he has to run across a busy road. On the way back, a van hits him. The boys move him to a playground, before Leigh gets his mum, Irene . Scott suffers head injuries, Irene is angry at Leigh, who also feeling guilty, talks to Jimmy, who advises him to tell his mum the truth. As he goes to talk to her, she shouts and he runs off again, nearly running into an ambulance, grazing his arm. Single parent Irene cuddles him, saying she’ll spend more time with them – Duffy who overhears and gets upset, as she is worried she’s working too much and that she won’t see Peter growing up. Charlie finds out she is thinking of joining Mrs Andrew’s nursing agency and tries to dissuade her.


* Jane Jameson – 14 year old girl attempts suicide by overdosing on valium, we discover her father has sexually abused her and her sister.

* Ruth – diabetic, collapses after drinking too much alcohol at a party.

* Scott Clarke – 11 year old, hit by a van after trying to join his brothers club. Head injuries.

* Malcolm – dislocates ankle after falling from rope bridge while paintballing.

First Scene/words

Woods – Julian in car – playing classical music – gets out and looks around;

Ronnie : Gotcha! (jumps from behind)

Julian : Aagh! Ronnie! (others laugh)

Ronnie : Welcome to the war zone, Julian.

Last Scene/words

Claire goes into interview room with Megan to see her Dad;

Mr Jameson : Claire forgive me, it’s all over now I promise, the people here know what I’ve put you through and I swear it will never happen again, never…

(she walks out, Megan looks on)

Notable Facts

* Dee Sadler (Derek Thompson’s partner) plays Irene Clarke.

* Geraldine Somerville (Penhaligon in Cracker) plays Ruth.

* Louise Lombard plays Claire Jameson.

* Julian owns a Gold Mercedes.

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