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Cas Series

5.2 Results – 14/9/90

s5e2S5 E2 (14 Sep 90) : Results by Ben Aaronovitch

Episode Summary

Paramedics Keith and Jane are called out to a disused site where two young drug addicts, Melissa and Mike, threaten them and steal their drugs case. Mike injects atropine, and they go to A&E when he feels unwell. Beth thinks he is on speed, until the paramedics recognise them – Melissa runs off, but the police are called for Mike.

Charlie is looking forward to his old friend, Robert, who has a broken leg, coming out of hospital that day and plans a celebrated drink, at the end of his shift.

Three students, Alex, Luke and Joshua, celebrate after passing their finals and go on a drinking binge. Laughing and joking, two of them bring Alex into A&E in a wheelbarrow and leave him there, after he collapses. They then call his girlfriend, Denise, who arrives to see him. In CRASH, they battle to save him but he dies. Charlie comforts Denise.

Jimmy flirts with Paramedic Jane, and they go for a Chinese after shift. Duffy picks up baby Peter from her childminder, Barry. Charlie goes to pick up

Property developer, Henry Carpenter, is thrown through his office window, when a lorry’s brake fails and crashes into him – his wife, Anne, looks on in horror. He has multiple injuries and dies in CRASH. Megan and Social Worker, Tony, help her through.

Julian removes shot gun pellets from a South African lady, Mrs M’Bete’s behind – he seems to know a lot Robert from his ward – but his bed is empty. Med Reg Dr Funmi Akinuli, tells him he suddenly collapsed and died. Charlie is totally shocked.


* Mike – drug addict, comes to A&E after injecting atropine from the paramedics medical supplies.

* Henry Carpenter – hit by a lorry – multiple injuries, dies.

* Mrs M’Bete – x-rays show shot gun pellets in her behind.

* Alex – student celebrating, dies of alcohol poisoning.

* Mrs Smithers – stitches after catching hand in door.

* Mr Warner – old man.

* Robert – Charlie’s friend, collapses and dies on an upstairs ward.

First Scene/words

Baby Peter is crying;

Duffy : What’s all this noise? What’s all this noise? You just want Mummy to be extra tired on shift today, eh? Come on, come on, back to sleep. There you are, good boy (goes away and closes door – but he starts crying again)

Last Scene/words

Barry : Hello Lisa, come in.

Duffy : Has he been good?

Barry : He’s been a right little terror!

Duffy : Hello, hello bubba, darling, did you miss me? (baby smiles)

Notable Facts

* George Costigan plays Robert.

* Linda Davidson plays Denise.

* Ken Sharrock plays Barry. (he also played Maxine Price’s father in S7)

* Duffy’s son, Peter, is played by Derek Thompson’s real life son, Charlie Thompson.

* Charlie gets Robert a stuffed toy tiger as a leaving present.

* Jimmy steals milk from doctor’s lounge and also a wheelchair from Geri’s ward for Robert.

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