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HC Past Series

6.39 Deception – 6/7/04

‘Deception’ : Zubin and Mubbs lobby Connie to procure funds for their departments. Connie is receptive to Zubin’s requests, whilst Mubbs’s flirtatious tactics are less successful. Connie calls Mubbs into her office at the end of the day. She tells him to lock the door, taking control, and they have sex.

Will is adamant that Connie’s charms will not work on him. He heads into her office, just as a sheepish-looking Mubbs is leaving. Connie, unfazed by Will witnessing her rendezvous with Mubbs, continues her attempts to seduce him, but Will declines again.

When Chrissie innocently asks Will if he wants to go for a drink after a difficult day, he mistakenly thinks she is flirting. Chrissie is indignant and rebukes Will, saying that public schoolboys don’t do much for her.

After a hard day at work, Mickie, Donna, and Jess go back to the flat for a few drinks. Lisa returns home from work and, not happy with the party, goes to bed. Heeding her advice, Jess follows suit.

Left alone, Mickie and Donna get drunk, and a play fight leads to a passionate kiss.

Terri Dwyer (Hollyoaks) makes an appearance as the wife of a patient in intensive care who is bought in with his mistress.


Matt Collins – Glass bottle impaled in chest following assault

Samantha Harris – Chest injury following break in; later loses baby

Melanie Walker – Suspected STD, diagnosed with thrush

Laura Innes – Diagnosed as HIV positive

Alan Wright – Ulcer on foot, blood clot in leg and chest

First Scene/words

Connie: Talk to me.

Will: This is Matt Collins, forty-three, victim to assault and burglary, sharp trauma to the chest. He’s hypervolaemic; bp’s seventy over forty. Glass has probably ripped his heart; we could do with getting a central line in to support it. Where’s Zubin?

Connie: He’s on his way; lets leave the inotropes for now, we don’thave time for that. [To Will] Good morning your Lordship…

Last Scene/words

Donna: No, this is serious, you know, what am I gonna do? She’sprobably in there right now working out how to evict me or sack me.

Mickie: I know.

Donna: Cut it out! [throws pillow]

Mickie: Hey, oi! [hits Donna with pillow and then kisses her]

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