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HC Past Series

S8 E06

Episode Summary

Jac Naylor roars up to Holby in her leather biker gear. Jac is confident of her abilities and tells Ric that she intends to impress him enough to be offered a permanent registrar’s position.

Patient, Billy Finch, is awaiting a double leg amputation. However the day before his operation he is brought into the hospital after taking his motorbike for one last spin and crashing. The operation needs to be postponed, but the board aren’t happy to pay out to cancel his operation and have another one. Jac persuades his wife, Melissa, to make them go ahead with the operation as planned, depsite the added risks. The operation, which is being filmed live for study lectures, is a success, however their is a minor hiccup when Dean is asked to help assist with the emergency and slips and cuts Ric’s hand. As Billy recovers, he reveals to Ric that, he had attempted to kill himself whilst on his bike as he didn’t want to live with no legs. Melissa feels guilty.

A wedding party come in to Maternity, after pregnant bride-to-be Fiona falls down steps at the reception. Fiona fell pregnant after a holiday romance with partner, Steve, however she is concerned if they can make their relationship work. Owen delivers a baby boy early when she suffers pains.

Elsewhere, Chrissie calls Owen to ask if he has made a decision yet and if they can meet up later. But Owen decides to stay with Diane, who is looking after Fiona in maternity.

Meanwhile, Matt’s old flame, Daryl, from university comes into the family planning unit. She is trying to get pregnant by artificial insemination. Matt is surprised to discover that she is a lesbian – and shocked when she asks him to be her sperm donor. After thinking it through, he says no because he still has feelings for her, which would make the situation more complicated.


* Billy Finch – double leg amputation.

* Fiona Carr – falls down steps, baby boy delivered early.

* Daryl O’Connor – infection after attempting articial insemination.

Notable Facts

* Philip Olivier plays Steve Morrison.

* Ric asks Jac ‘Are you good?’ referring to her capabilities. ‘I’m better!’ she replies.

* Owen tells his patient ‘My wife says, if all else fails – waggle!’

* Lou Reed’s ‘Such a Perfect Day’ plays.

* ‘I expect everyone who comes into my theatre to be able to perform’ Ric angrily tells Dean.

* Jac has been trying to persuade Ric to let her have a permenant post, but after a stressful day Ric is reluctant, ‘My team is fine as it is’ he says. Jac replies ‘You might live to regret it!’

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