S18 E08

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S18 E8 (25 Oct 03) : Truth or Dare by Marc Starbuck

Episode Summary

When Keith arrives Claire doesn’t want to see him, but on being told her father has been rushed to another hospital, she reluctantly gives Keith a lift. Whilst driving, he reveals it was a ploy to get her alone and admits he also beat up Jim out of jealousy. Frightened, Claire slams on the brakes and makes a run for it down the causeway. Managing to catch up with her, Keith proposes but gets hit by a car. Back at the hospital, Claire refuses to see him, making him even more frustrated.

When a young guy, Andy, brings his best friend into the department after a reckless rooftop racing session, Nikki is flattered by his persistent advances. She is later surprised and hurt when she discovers Andy is in fact Jim’s son. He also admits to having a daughter. Angry that Jim would withhold such important information, Nikki breaks up with him.

While in Harry’s office, Tally accidentally discovers the drugs in his pocket but he interrupts her and uses the opportunity to divulge information regarding Simon’s past. She is furious when he suggests Simon is only with her to get back at him but, feeling insecure, she asks Simon about it. Simon confronts Harry and tells him to deal with it.

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