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Cas Series

S21 E08

S21 E8 (4 Nov 06) : Born to be Wild by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

Josh is due to attend an awards ceremony to mark his 20 years of service. But when a string of events makes him question society’s values, his decision whether or not to collect his much-deserved award hangs in the balance.

When a biker collapses and dies. His son and an army of other biker friends cause a pile-up in the street where he died as they pay their respects. An impatient driver angrily drives into them, injuring a biker.

A boy, Danny, is ashamed of his parents, who have learning difficulties. When he is brought in after being attacked by youths, he is then discharged into the hands of a volunteer, Ray. Ray takes Danny to hismechanic workshop, where he tries to get ‘over-friendly’ with the boy. In defence, Danny sets Ray alight and he later dies in hospital from his injuries.

Maggie treats paralysed Penny Wilson, who is brought in from her care home. Feeling guilty at being such a burden to her husband, Steve, she has been failing to take her medication. Steve is furious with her.

Meanwhile, Comfort is blissfully happy after spending the night with Sean but her joy is short-lived when she overhears a private phone call. Sean reveals he has a 4 year old daughter and is thinking of returning to Australia, because he misses her. Comfort tearfully agrees.

Elsewhere, Guppy attempts to impress Cyd but ends up pretending that it is his birthday as an excuse to ask her to the pub, and Kelsey suggests that Alice should try to make Guppy jealous to get his attention.

Josh decides to accept the award, and whilst on stage, the bikers turns up. The dead man’s son praises the work of the paramedics and gives Josh his father’s motorbike. Charlie and Josh ride away.


* Biker – dies after collapsing in street.

* Another biker injured when car mows into him.

* Daniel Parks – minor injuries.

* Ray David – dies after being set alight.

* Penny Wilson – failing to take medication.

Notable Facts

* ‘When I see her my mouth and brain go in different directions,’ Guppy tells Greg, about his infaatuation with Cyd.

* When Comfort learns Sean is seperated with a child she’s worried. ‘It’s Fin all over again’ she says.

* To make Guppy jealous, Alice makes up that she has a boyfriend called Vernon.

* The teams sing ‘Born to be Wild’ as Charlie and Josh take a ride on the bike.

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