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Cas Series

S21 E11

S21 E11 (25 Nov 06) : All Through the Night by Gary Parker

Episode Summary

Ellen has a brainwave to draw the public’s attention to the closure of Holby ED. She ropes in Kelsey and Alice and they all jump into the City’s water fountain in white t-shirts, causing a media frenzy. They are interviewed by a local reporter. However, the stunt results in Ellen collapsing.

Meanwhile, Harry decides to express an interest in the position at St James. With the Trust insisting that if he accepts the job he mustn’t resist the closure of Holby ED, he has to decide where his loyalties lie. But after talking to Ellen, he decides to turn down the job and support Holby.

Two police officers, Stan and Nickie, give chase to a youth, Wayne. Nickie hits him and he falls down some steps. Later outisde the police station, Stan is attacked by Wayne’s girlfriend in revenge. Nickie decides to come clean about everything that has happened.

At a club where burlesque dancer, Gina, is performing, a fight erupts. Josh is hard on himself when he makes a mistake with a patient at the scene. Gina, who has a sprained wrist gets talking to a police officer, Oscar, who injures his back in the scuffle and they make a date to meet again.

A sleepless couple, Jill and Jack come in with their very vocal baby. Jack has burnt his arm. Tess also examines the baby and they discover she has a broken collar bone from birth which explains her constant crying.


* Scott Mills plays TV reporter Paul Lang.

* Laila Rouass plays Gina Marshall.

* Charles Lawson plays Stan Drinkwater.

* Jessica Brooks plays Nickie Soames.

* Following a death in CRASH, Harry says ‘Joyrider – was there ever a phrase less apt?’

* Nathan has come up with ‘SHED – Save Holby Emergency Department’ as a slogan.

* Taking the mick out of Josh’s glasses, Dixie says ‘You’ll give Mr Magoo a run for his money!’. They later put a zimmer frame in his office as a joke.

* Harry reveals to Nickie that on his first every shift he discharged a drunk who was later brought in with an intercranial bleed.

* Ellen, Alice and Kelsey wear T-shirts reading ‘SHOCKED’ – standing for Save Holby City’s Key Emergency Department.

* ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves plays.

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