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Cas Series

S21 E24

S21 E24 (10 Feb 07) : No Return by Andrew Clifford

Episode Summary

Harry is on the last leg of his campaign trail to save the department from closure.

A father, Dave, is taking his son, Mike, out on a driving lesson. After a disagreement, Mike reverses the car too far and they crash into another vehicle. A woman, Karen, who has been following them, calls upon Harry – who happens to be nearby – to help.

Harry’s campaign manager is at first pleased at the publicity surrounding the incident but is at a loss when Harry continues to remain at the hospital all day to tend to his patients rathen than keep to the campaign trail.

At the hospital, Dave has serious injuries whilst Mike suffers a broken wrist. Karen turns up at the hospital and ends up being attacked outside when someone throws a poisonous substance in her face. Kelsey thinks she recognises her and after some digging discover when she was 16 she killed a young girl, which is why she is still being hounded. Mike is shocked to discover Karen is his sister (as he was told she was dead rather than be told the truth) but tells his father, he wants to get to know her. Karen flees the department whilst staff question her motives for trying to reunite with her family now – Harry then examines her x-rays which shows she has terminal cancer and predicts that she already knew.

The staff wait anxiously for the results of Harry’s campaign on the radio. The election results come through and send the staff into ecstasy as Harry has won with 50% of the votes. Selena then warns Nathan that he should start making more friends now that Harry has won the election.

Meanwhile Nathan threatens Kelsey and says he will reveal her secret to gain revenge and unless she pays him back. Kelsey says that she doesn’t care as everyone would be interested to find out how he knows that she is a prostitute.

Dixie falls asleep at the wheel as herself and Cyd arrive at the scene of an accident. Cyd wakes her up just as they pull up and snaps at Dixie’s stupidity. Dixie admits that she messed up the rota and that she is doing two shifts back to back and that is why she is so tired. Cyd shouts at her about how dangerous it is for her to work in that type of state and demands that she goes home.

[ID 1347]Sam[/ID] is determined to persuade Alice to stay and when he hears she would like to go travelling in the South American Rainforests, he puts a plan into action. After a collection, Sam places a number of exotic plants around the reception so she has her own rainforest and has no need to leave. Alice is overwhelmed and decides to stay at Holby.

A group of posh students end up in hospital when two teenagers, Simon and Albie, are injured after play fencing. Simon confides in Abs that he also has another problem which is diagnosed as gonorrhea, this leads him to discovering some truths between his girlfriend and their group of friends.


* Mike – broken wrist.

* Dave – pulmonary edema

* Karen – face and eye damage from alkaline powder thrown into face.

* Simon – Arm injury & gonorrhea.

Notable Facts

* Paramedic Jeff Collier’s voice is heard in this episode as he talks on the phone to Dixie.

* KT Tunstall ‘Other Side of the World’ and Arctic Monkeys ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ play during the episode.

* When his campaign manager tries to sway him away from the hospital, Harry says ‘This is my job and I want to do it!’

* ‘Now you don’t have to travel,’ Sam tells Alice, showing her the plants. ‘Holby Rainforest’.


Screencaps : S21 E24

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