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Cas Series

S21 E33

S21 E33 (31 Mar 07) : Day One by Robin Mukherjee

Episode Summary

A hungover Abs arrives at work to find Tess on the warpath. Sam didn’t come home last night and she’s cross that Abs doesn’t have a clue where he is. Tess blows up at Sam when he eventually turns up late. When Alice and Dixie overhear Sam and Greg talking about ‘wild women’ on their night out, Dixie tries to stir things by telling Cyd whilst Alice is also feeling subdued due to her own feelings for Sam.

Later, Sam reveals his ‘wild woman’ to Nadia; he’s got a new tattoo. Alice is somewhat relieved. However Tess is mortified when she discovers his new tattoo and after an argument, Sam tells her he’s moving out. Whilst Abs tries to offer her some advice.

Elsewhere, Guppy is irritated to find Stitch in his office, having been up all night gambling on the net.

When a man, Joe, is brought in after being attacked with a crowbar following an argument between two rival arcade businesses. Stitch pushes Guppy into being more assertive with the patient and Maggie is unhappy with Stitch’s approach. Guppy performs a risky procedure but is proud of himself when he performs it successfully and admires Stitch for enabling him to do this.

Stitch takes the staff out for a drink and having previously been snubbed by him, Nadia is stunned to find him playing footsie with her under the table.

A woman, Penny, is brought in with an arm rash, claiming she may be allergic to her partner’s pigeons. Some of his pigeons run amok in the department when he comes in with them on his way to visit her. Whilst Stitch uncovers she has deliberately given herself nettle rash in a bid to get rid of his pigeons.

A gardner, Paul, falls out of a tree. Suffering dizzy spells, he thinks he has dementia but is later found to be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.


* Joe Sheldon – attacked with crowbar.

* Derek Sands – cut hand.

* Penny Barnard – nettle rash.

* Paul Aimes – falls from tree, also suffers carbon monoxide poisoning.

Notable Facts

* ‘Don’t tell me you never had a go at Harry Harper’ Stitch says to Maggie. She replies ‘I never had to!’

* Concerned for Sam and his recent antics, Tess says to Abs ‘He’s bi-polar!’. Abs advices ‘He’s also potentially got a life!’

* Maggie questions Stitch as to whether he would have stepped in during the patient’s procedure had Guppy not been able to do it. Stitch replies ‘There’s nothing like killing a patient to make sure he gets it right next time!’

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