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Cas Series

S21 E06

S21 E6 (21 Oct 06) : Angels and Demons by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

A boy, George, is hit by a car. Comfort and Dixie rush to get the driver, Kenny, who has been drinking, out of the car before it explodes.

Comfort’s next call is to a house where they find a young girl, Therèse, alone and with a burnt hand. She is George’s sister and the neice of an HCA, Marta, who’s working in the department. Comfort becomes emotionally involved in the case and is concerned the girl is being abused, and fears for her safety. To make matters worse, Sean is certain that she is drunk on the job. (Tests prove she isn’t – alcohol from Kenny’s car splilt on her clothing).

Comfort heads to Marta’s house where she learns they think Therèse is possessed and a pastor is planning to remove the evil from her by burning it out of her. With the help of Sean, Comfort manages to save the girl.

A man, Phil, with MS demands the PPS pill after having unprotected sex. Kelsey tells him she can’t as he is low risk. He says he won’t move from the department till he gets it. Kelsey passes his complaint onto Nathan. When his girlfriend, Annie, arrives, she tricks him into finding out the truth. Phil also reveals he is embarrassed at her being his carer.

Kelsey and Alice, meanwhile, continue to play their alphabet game, but Tess finds out and is less than impressed.

Elsewhere, Nathan grows worried when he is called to an emergency board meeting but things are far worse than expected; he informs the team that they have decided to downsize ED and either Holby or St James will be closed.


* Therèse Branches – burnt hand.

* George – hit by car.

* Phil Matthews – MS sufferer who has had unprotected sex.

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