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Cas Series

5.1 Penalty – 7/9/90

S5 E1 (7 Sep 90) : Penalty by Ginne Hole

Episode Summary

Megan attends the funeral of her estranged husband, Ted, who died after a coronary. Charlie goes with her and tries to give her comfort.

It’s a football cup match today, against Holby City and Selwood. Two away supporters, Ian and Colin, enter a pub but are heckled out. Ian is chased, when he falls down some steps – his glasses smash in his face. At Holby A&E new SHO Beth Ramanee checks him over, about to discharge him, Consultant Julian Chapman firmly tells her the need for an x-ray – with glass near eye injuries. Julian is proved right when x-rays how a splinter has gone through his eye and he could’ve been blinded.

Two Holby supporters, Anna and reluctant boyfriend Mark, give Colin a ticket, as his friend had his, and as they watch from the stand – the gang recognise him – and a riot erupts. Anna is crushed and has an emergency tracheotomy – Julian discovers she has severe spinal injuries and faces paralysis, overhearing Mark feels he won’t cope with it, whereas Colin finds himself attracted to Anna, says he will stand by her. Mark is angry at staff for treating one of the thugs.

A three generation family; granddad Billie, his daughter, Margo Jennings and her son, Craig, are also caught up in the fight. Beth certifies Margo dead on arrival, and Billie has an operation, he’s fine although they were worried after he had an earlier operation to remove a kidney. A relative, Tim, comes in to break the news to Craig.

Megan hears about the disaster on the radio – gets her uniform and goes to work. After a stressful shift, Julian tells her off for being too emotionally involved, but bites his tongue when she tells him she was at her husband’s funeral that morning.

Keith and Vicky go out to the top of a flat to see an old man, Max Shaw. On the way up, Keith’s foot falls through the floor boards, and he spends the rest of the shift limping. Max has a fractured wrist after a fall – his landlady reports him having dizzy spells. Beth finds out he is too poor to eat and have warmth. Tony Walker arrives from Social Services to offer help, but Max discharges himself, not wanting handouts.

At the end of shift, Megan breaks down in tears, and in CRASH the paramedics bring in pizza, crisps and drink for the staff – celebrating some happier news that Keith has delivered twins.


* Max Shaw – old man, fractured wrist and malnutrition.

* Billie – old man, kicked in stomach, has operation.

* Margo Jennings – daughter of Billie, dead on arrival.

* Anna – crushed in fight, tracheotomy and spinal damage.

* Ian – glasses smash in face, after falling down steps.

* Colin – glass cut on head.

* Patrick Cooper – Holby FC supporter, collapses in reception.

First Scene/words

Megan walking in graveyard;

Vicar : Let us pray, Lord Jesus Christ, by your own three days in the tomb, you made holy the graves of all who believed in you and by doing so you strengthened the resurrection in those bodies subject to decay, grant we pay that your servant may rest in peace in this grave.

Last Scene/words

(CRASH, all quiet as Megan enters)

Duffy : Keith’s just delivered twins!

Megan : Well I dunno about you Charlie, but I’m ravenous! (noisy again)

Keith : Well we’ve got salt and vinegar,..

Notable Facts

* Dervla Kerwin plays Anna.

* Holby FC’s football colours are yellow and black.

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