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Cas Series

S7 E18

S7 E18 (16 Jan 93) : Everybody Needs Somebody by Arthur McKenzie

Episode Summary

Charlie persuades Ash to go for promotion. News is going round of the new Consultant Mike Barratt – Andrew thanks the team for their support as his time as Locum. Nikki phones Ash at work to tell him she’s had an abortion, shocked he leaves work early and they discuss the situation.

A mentally ill man, Kevin, takes pills, cuts his wrists and tries to gas himself to the horror of his barrister sister, Sonia. When paramedics Josh and Jane arrive, Kevin tries to strangle Josh. Josh is also treated in casualty, where his wife, Helen, visits him and treats Jane jealously. Sonia is persuaded to let Kevin get professional help.

An old farmer, Harry, taunts his nephew over land, before getting his leg trapped under a tractor. Paramedic Union Rep, Rimmer, freezes at the sight of his legs, and later tries to persuade Jane not to tell anyone. Rob and Sandra are also called out to tend to his injuries, but he dies in CRASH.


* Kevin – mentally ill man who tries to kill himself.

* Harry – farmer traps his legs under a tractor and dies from his injuries.

First Scene/words

Kevin : Donahue and Stephenson in 1932, you must take care to avoid..

Sonia : Reasonable care

Kevin : Reasonable care, reasonable care, Donahue and Stephenson 1932, you must take reasonable care to avoid, act or omissions which you can reasonably foresee…

Last Scene/words

Billy : The old buggar!

Sandra : Hey Billy, it’s OK.

Billy : Who will I argue with now?

Sandra : Billy shhh.

(Ash jogs in the park with a pained look on his face)

Notable Facts

* Stephen Moore plays Kevin.

* Alexandra Mathie plays Helen Griffiths.

* Dean Harris plays Rimmer.

* The song ‘The Road to Hell’ (Chris Rea) features.

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