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Cas Series

S7 E16

S7 E16 (2 Jan 93) : The Ties That Bind by Stephen Wyatt

Episode Summary

Nikki tells Ash she’s pregnant – Ash is shocked. Norma is still upset about her ill mother Sandra is coming to terms with Julian’s departure. Maxine tries out some of her army moves on Ash.

Duffy is annoyed to find out at short notice that Andrew is the new Locum. She tells Charlie that he should have told her sooner, and that she should be told of things that go on in the department.

A divorced father, Laurence, kidnaps his young daughter, Katie. However, she becomes violently sick and he takes her to casualty. When her mother, Joan, shows up, she threatens a restraining order, Duffy is at first angry at Laurence, until he explains all he wants is to see his daughter.

A young woman executive, Olivia, comes in with her friend, Louise, after fracturing her wrist. Olivia’s husband turns up and is shocked when Louise reveals that her and Olivia are together.

Best man, Don, and groom, Jerry, end up in hospital after a fight on the beach, in which Jerry hits his head against a wall. It turns out Don also has feelings for the bride, Lynn. She tells Ash she doesn’t love Jerry, but decides to stay with him.

Mr Ansdell arrives claiming to have injected something into his arm, Duffy finds him to be a compulsive liar and sends him on his way.


* Katie – young girl, brought in with nervous disorder, gastronitis.

* Olivia Purcell – woman who fractures wrist at work.

* Jerry – groom, head injuries after fight with best man.

* Edwyn Ansdell – a hopper.

First Scene/words

Nikki and Ash are in bed;

Nikki : Martin?

Ash : I’m really glad you stayed over.

Nikki : So am I, but I…

Ash : What?

Nikki : I’ve got something to tell you.

Ash : Can’t it wait? I’m really late.

Nikki : No, I meant to tell you last night but I kept putting it off.

Ash : What’s up Nikki?

Nikki : I’m really sorry…

Ash : What’s the matter?

Nikki : I’m ten weeks pregnant.. and I’m so frightened and I don’t know what to do.

Last Scene/words

Ash : He’s been asking for you

Jerry : Lynn! (Don walks out)

Lynn : It’s alright Jerry, I’m here (Ash gives her a look)

Notable Facts

* Robert Duncan (Peter Hayes) plays Neil Taylor.

* Shirin Taylor plays Joan.

* Amanda Redman plays Olivia Purcell.

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