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Cas Series

S17 E18

S17 E18 (11 Jan 03) : Collision Course by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

Jack’s called in sick – he’s going to help his troubled father Eddie with a robbery to pay off his debts. Jack’s clearly anxious about the heist but wants to help his dad out.

At the hospital, newcomer Merlin has come to ask Harry for a job as a Pre-Registration House Officer. Enthusiastic Merlin offers his assistance when Harry complains the hospital is hounded by time wasters. Anna and Roxy are busy gossiping about everything from Colette’s split with Josh to Dillon’s supposed crush on Roxy. Harry interrupts the chat and tells Anna about the new PRHO he wants her to keep an eye on … little does she know it’s Merlin! Meanwhile, Colette’s taken the morning off to move out of Josh’s. He puts on a brave face while a troubled Colette sets about removing all traces of herself from their home.

Harry introduces Anna to Merlin and the pair are ecstatic to see one another – they had no idea of each other’s profession. Could this lead to more than just a professional relationship?

Another relationship is hotting up over breakfast – Simon’s finally got together with Jane. He is intrigued by her coolness and asks if he’s going to see her again – she says she’ll call him. Colette’s staying with Comfort until she can find her feet again. She’s delighted when Comfort tells her of their plans for the morning – a serious pampering session at the local health spa. The pair soak up the delights of the spa and Comfort asks Colette what happened with Josh, oblivious to her shenanigans with Simon. Colette begins to tell her the truth about Simon until Comfort questions her actions and storms off. Back at Eddie’s, Jack is delighted – Eddie has bought him a BMW. The pair drive off recklessly to begin their heist.

Colette and Comfort have made up and sit drinking champagne. Colette explains her reasons for sleeping with Simon and describes it as fun, passionate and exciting. She admits she’s not sure why she married Josh and is confused about her feelings. Nikki accidentally tells Josh that Colette and Comfort are at a health spa – he is not amused and speeds off on his motorbike. When Josh is called out for the second false emergency, he loses his temper with an elderly woman – he is clearly not coping well with the strain of the separation.

After several attempts, Ryan manages to grab Duffy’s attention. To her surprise, he pulls out an engagement ring and asks her to try it on. As tears pour down her face, she tells him she can’t just yet and that she needs to tell people in her own time. Ryan tells her he understands and the pair share a passionate kiss.

Eddie explains the action plan to Jack and the rest of his gang. Jack will drive to the pub and wait for them but Jack is clearly uncomfortable and freaks out when one of the men puts a gun to his head. Eddie calms him down and they drive off to the pub. Jack is left alone in the pub car park and calls Nikki to tell her he loves her – as if it was the last time he’ll ever speak to her. Back at the hospital, Josh confides in Fin and says he doesn’t think he stands a chance of getting Colette back. Fin tells him to give her time but Josh looks devastated.Eddie eagerly waits for the ‘drop’. Suddenly he pounces on a man and a fight breaks out. Eddie and the men jump into the car, seizing the bag of money, and Jack drives off at high speed. Suddenly, Jack takes a wrong turn and the car crashes into a stranded lorry in a lay-by. The car’s a right-off and the two men get out and run off. Eddie manages to pull himself out but Jack is unconscious with blood pouring from his head. Eddie drags him out of the wreckage and puts him down. Eddie kisses him, says ‘good luck son’, then abandons him jealously clutching his loot. Jack is left unconscious and alone, while the sound of police sirens echo around him. Will Jack pull through?

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