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Cas Series

S17 E11

S17 E11 (23 Nov 02) : Up to Your Neck In It by Edel Brosnan

Episode Summary

Jack is feeling guilty about hitting Jay and watches him from a hospital ward. Later Jack is arrested. He uses his phone call to ring his Dad, Eddie. Eddie, decides to pay Jay a visit and threatens him to ensure he drops the charges. Jack is released and is met by Eddie. Tony, who takes time off work to see how he is, sees them coming out together and walks away.

Harry warns Simon about his lax attitude. Josh asks Colette about starting a family, but she is not happy. Nikki is pleased about passing her technician exam. Duffy is annoyed that Lara is having to be supervised.

A man, Carl kidnaps his son, Owen, while he is with his grandfather, Jim. In the rush to leave, Carl, with Owen in the back seat, runs over Jim before speeding off. Later on, Carl goes to get them lunch, leaving Owen in the car on his own. Owen turns the car ignition on and the car rolls down into the river. Josh and Comfort, who happen to be nearby spot the incident and Josh decides to dive into the river and save the boy. Owen is taken into Resus where he survives. Jim, who is also in hospital, and Owen’s mother are angry and don’t want Carl involved, but after Josh has words with Jim, that he needs to see his son, they change their mind.

Terry Burton arrives in A&E with a fever and nausea. He’s been travelling and Lara suspects malaria and also notices a rash on his stomach. Roxy calls his estranged wife, Faith who turns up to see him. When Lara discovers he also has syphilis, Faith admits she has the virus as she had an affair.

Nikki tries to speak to Jay outside A&E, unaware Jack beat him up. Jay fills her in and she is shocked to discover the news.


* Owen Bailey – falls into lake in car

* Jim Bailey – old man with leg and head injury

* Martin – overdose

* Terry Burton – syphilis

First Scene/ words

In a hospital ward, a nurse treats Jay – Jack watches from outside;

Nurse: Is that enough? Are you OK?

Harry enters on call room, where Simon is asleep on a drip to cure his hangover and wakes him up;

Harry : Late night?

Simon : Long story, you don’t wanna know about it

Last Scene/ words

Jay speaks to Nikki outside A&E;

Jay : Like you do when you beat the living daylights out of someone, he should be locked up but he’s out now. Got some guy to visit me in my hospital bed and threaten to break my fingers and to drop the charges. Nice bloke eh? Just stay away from me Nikki and open your eyes before it’s too late. (He walks away while she looks shocked)

Notable Facts

* Philip Martin Brown plays Eddie Vincent

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