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Cas Series

S17 E06

S17 E6 (19 Oct 02) : What’s Love Got To Do With It? by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

Ryan offers Jack advice on trying to win back Nikki with a romantic speech – but it doesn’t work how he hoped. Dillon suggest Duffy goes to see Lara. Finn is called out to a car crash, where Teresa Hart becomes a victim. In the car are also young girl, Amy, and down syndrome Mary – who turns out to be Amy’s mother. Dillon befriends them and wants them both admitted over the weekend, but Charlie calls Social Services – Dillon is furious when it looks likely they will be split up.

Comfort and Nikki take a call out to waste ground, where dog walker, Dave, has found a man, Joe, attacked. Dave flirts with Comfort and turns up in A&E to give her his number. Meanwhile, Joe’s girlfriend, Sabine, visits him. She admits her family beat him up as they don’t agree with his relationship. Joe and Sabine decide to leave A&E, but outside, her family are waiting and beat Joe up. Sabine is devastated when he dies and attempts to kill herself.

A man, Cliff, is brought in with stomach pains after going on a date with an old girlfriend he met through Friends Reunited. He has food poisoning and the woman admits spiking his food in revenge for dumping her back at school.

A man comes in with glass cuts, after the photocopier broke while he was taking copies of his bum as a joke.

Ryan asks Duffy out for dinner, at first she refuses but then comes round to the idea. Nikki is asked to do a photo shoot for the daily Standard. Harry asks Anna to help him choose lingerie for his wife over the internet.

Roxy is finding motherhood increasingly difficult and after her Mum refuses to help and she is banned from the local crèche, she dumps Nicole in a shop changing room.

Dillon discovers Heather has been cheating on him with Simon. He confronts Heather, who says they weren’t exclusive and takes his anger out on Simon in the staff room.

First Scene/ words

* Teresa Hart – dies from car crash

* Mary (down syndrome) and Amy Hart – also minor injuries from car crash

* Joe Thomas – dies after being attacked.

* Sabine – slits wrists after Joe dies

* Cliff Wallace – food poisoning

* Man – glass cuts in bum

First Scene/ words

Roxy walks up to her mum’s house with Nicole

Roxy’s Mum : No Way!

Roxy : Oh come on, please! I promise I won’t do it again

Roxy’s Mum: Yeah right, like last time you disappeared for months

Roxy : I said I was sorry

Roxy’s Mum : That’s not good enough

Last Scene/ words

In staffroom:

Simon (to Dillon) Get off my case yeah? (to Heather) You coming? (Dillon gets in way of door) Do you mind? Grow up!

Dillon : Grow up! (slams Simon’s head against door and punches stomach) That’s for sleeping with her! (he exits, running into Harry)

Harry : Excuse me! (sees Simon) Huh, now this better be good

(Outside shop – Roxy watches as they close for the night, with Nicole inside.

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