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Cas Series

S17 E21

S17 E21 (1 Feb 03) : Flight by Len Collin

Episode Summary

It’s Duffy’s last day in Holby A + E and Dillon and Colette are arguing about who may be promoted into hercurrent position. Charlie makes it obvious that he is upset about Duffy’sdeparture. Duffy says that she could have made do with a quiet last day, but itseems this won’t happen, as while on his day off Harry stumbles upon a strandedboat while taking Beth on a boat trip around the bay.

Emma’s mum and Fin keep a steady watch over Emma, and while they say that Emmais stable, Comfort tells Nikki she feels useless around Fin, as there is nothingshe can do to help. Emma has been diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia anddoctors fear her main organs could be badly affected by the condition.

Despite Beth’s reservations the couple pull their boat up to the stranded oneand Harry climbs aboard. A man named Sail takes them below deck, where fortyplus illegal immigrants have been staying for weeks, having paid a large sum ofmoney to escape to England. A woman named Krista tells Beth how the Kosavanauthorities killed many men and that she fears her husband is dead, before Harryhears a knocking from a cupboard somewhere on board. He lets a man free from thecupboard who then stabs Sail, calling him “scum”, and telling Harry to leave himand save all the others first.

A police officer arrives at Jack’s house, banging on the door before a reluctantJack finally opens it. He tells Jack he should get a solicitor as Jason Englishhad identified his attacker’s top, as a grey one Jack had been seen wearing. Hewarns him that when Jason recovered they would be holding a line-up. A worriedJack burns his grey top, telling Eddie about the police’s visit. Eddie tellsJack they need to leave, and will pick him up at six. Jack is reluctant sayinghe couldn’t possibly leave Tony and Nikki.

A child named Alex is admitted with what seems like severe burns. His mother,Jen, is adamant that she did not place Alex in hot water, even when her husband,Danny, questions her about it. Simon asks the consultant his opinion fearing hemay need to call social services. The consultant diagnoses a rare skin infection(SSSS), and while Danny is happy, Jen says the trust has gone between them andthey couldn’t possibly carry on the same way.

The boat casualties are taken to hospital, against the coastguard’s wishes.Krista tells Colette about a fight on the boat and that Florian (the man fromthe cupboard) had been locked up because Sail accused him of stealing food.Florian tells Krista that he saw her husband die, and it was Sail who had killedhim. Florian arrests and the staff do their best to save him, but he dies.Harry, who thinks Sail is a hero, is told of his killings.

Ryan receives a message for Tony; Jack wants to meet him outside. Jack says he’sgoing to run away with Eddie and gives Tony a letter for Nikki. Later, Tonygives her the letter and she tries to find him in the ambulance.

Tony rings Ben (HC) asking him is he wants to go out for a drink sometime beforejoining the staff to say goodbye to Duffy. Charlie calls Duffy the “Queen of theCubicles” and congratulates Ryan and Duffy on their engagement.

Jayne, who already told Simon she was busy, arrives to find him on her doorstep.She gets annoyed and finally tells him she is an escort, and an expensive one atthat. Meanwhile, Nikki arrives just in time to bid Jack farewell. He asks her togo with him but she refuses and Eddie and Jack drive away leaving a distraughtNikki shouting after him.


* Sail: Stab Wound

* Florian: Angina-dies

* D and V cases from boat (including Eria and Krista)

* Alex: Infection causing burn-like wounds

First Scene/words

Comfort (mouthed to Fin): I love you.

Jack: Bye, Babe.

*Jack gets into Eddie’s car*

Nikki (shouting and crying): No, Jack! JACK!

Quotes of the Episode

* Charlie- “Queen of the Cubicles” (referring to Duffy)

* Beth: I’m a lawyer

Harry: Then sue me, Mrs Harper

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