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Cas Series

S9 E07

S9 E7 (29 Oct 94) : A Breed Apart by David Joss Buckley

Episode Summary

Mike pleads with his estranged wife Anne, to be able to see his children.

A large anti-racist march sets off towards the headquarters of AXE (Allies Across England). Graham Evans persuades Patrick Senior and others to break away from the main march and confront the racists head on. They are ambushed and in the ensuing fight Patrick’s girlfriend, Nikki, is crushed. One of the racists, Trevor, who was pushed into the demonstration is witnessed by Josh injuring Lloyd Wincott.

The many casualties are brought to Holby; Patrick is distraught when Nikki dies and her father blames him. Ash finds himself the subject of racial abuse. he finally snaps when racist Mark Hitchens insults Eddie.

Hitchens threatens to kill Ash as soon as he leaves the department, which Matt overhears. Matt also recognises Evans, from his own days amongst the racist fans of Holby City FC. Charlie tells Ash to leave work early and on his way out, he is cornered by Hitchens and threatened with a knife. Ash knocks him to the ground. Evans, hiding round the corners picks up the knife and takes Hitchens away. Eddie who witnesses the fight, but did not see the knife, is horrified by the attack and Ash’s violence.

Rachel, who is still shaky from her previous attack, finally cracks under the pressure and locks herself in the toilet. Kate finds her crying and advises her to seek counselling.

An old man, Alfred McIntyre, is also brought in after taking a turn in an arcade. Mike wants to admit him, but Alfred is not keen on staying and tries to leave. He finally admits to Charlie about being embarrased at the state of his feet.

Amidst the mayhem, DIY enthusiast Derek Carpenter, arrives at A&E with a cut hand. He sets about repairing all the little jobs that need doing around the department.


* Nikki Neal – dies after being crushed in fight.

* Lloyd Wincott – severe injuries after being hit with baseball bat.

* Mark Hitchens – arm injury.* Alfred McIntyre – after a near collapse in the arcade he is admitted. Charlie finds he also has bad feet.

* Derek Skinner – cuts hand on a knife while laying a carpet.

First Words/ Scene

Nikki : Are you dressed yet?

Patrick (watching TV) : Yep!

Nikki : No you’re not! (walks infront of TV)

Patrick : Nikki!

Nikki : Get dressed!

Patrick : There’s a good line up on this afternoon, you go, I’ll stay here.

Last Words/ scene

Outside hospital;

Evans (to Hitchens) : Come on Mark, there’s other ways of dealing with this (they go off, as Eddie comes out to speak to Ash)

Eddie : Ash, what the hell were you playing at? Why couldn’t you just walk away?

Notable Facts

* Kwame Kwei-Armah plays Lloyd Wincott.

* Connie Hyde plays Nikki Neal.

* Thomas Craig plays Graham Evans.

* Daniel Ryan plays Mark Hitchens.

* Jude tells patient Derek Skinner she was named after the song ‘Hey Jude’.

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