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Cas Series

S9 E24

S9 E24 (25 Mar 95) : Duty of Care by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

Henry Turner insists on being seen by a consultant for a back injury, but it quickly becomes apparent that he is intent on more than medical attention. Turner has an explosive device strapped to his body, and demands to know what happened to a patient who was admitted to Holby earlier in the year. Believing Baz has the answer, he makes it clear that he will stop at nothing to get the information. (The patient was his mother. She had a stroke and died on a trolley in the corridor. Henry, an arosnist, was in prison at the time). In the end, with the department evacuated, Henry blows himself up.

Meanwhile Josh and Liz have been called to a farm where a woman has trapped her leg in some machinery. She loses consciousness, and when a surgeon arrives the woman’s daughter is required to make a painful decision.

Feelings are running high between Baz and Charlie, but after a harrowing shift Baz needs a shoulder to cry on.

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