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Cas Series

4.10 Taking Stock – 10/11/89

s4e10S4 E10 (10 Nov 89) : Taking Stock by Barry Purchese

Episode Summary

A couple, Dennis and Joan Sedgeley, argue as they prepared to auction their bankrupt farm. Joan tells him their marriage is over, her husband taunts her and she shoots him. He forgives her, but dies as Dr Lewis performs surgery on him in CRASH. Joan is taken away by police.

A working mother, Emma Foster, who has left her two year old boy, Ben, at home, finds him with an empty aspirin bottle and takes him to A&E. She is hysterical, as they give him ipecac to make him sick and give him blood tests, which come back negative. Lucy still wishes to keep him in overnight – Emma is worried they’ll take him away from her.

Jimmy finds a man, Mr Cunningham, in the street with severe eye pain, and brings him in, although he is reluctant and very agitated. He tells staff he has been mugged, but when Julie lets information slip to a policeman, they find out he matches the descriptions of a man who raped a woman – who then sprayed gas in his eyes.

Lucy removes a shield from the swollen arm of a man in full Viking costume.

Megan goes to see the General Manager about talking to the press, luckily she gets off with a warning – Charlie says it’s because she’s ‘bloody good value for money’.


* Dennis Sedgeley – 39 year old with gun shot wound to left upper chest – he dies in CRASH.

* Joan Sedgeley – 47 year old, after gun incident, she received minor cuts to hand, needing stitches.

* Ben Foster – 2 year old boy, thought to have swallowed aspirin, after being left home alone – tests come back clear.

* Peter Cunningham – sprayed by CS gas in eyes, said to have been mugged – turns out to have raped a woman.

* Viking – in full costume, shield id stuck on his swollen arm.

First Scene/words

Cries of pain – Peter with eye injury in the street/ Joan is packing clothes, she looks angry/ Farmer Dennis goes into barn/ Jimmy sees Peter in street;

Jimmy : Are you alright pal? Do you want some help?

Peter : Look I’m alright just leave me alone please.

Jimmy : Look I’m going by, you should come by the hospital get it seen to.

Peter : I don’t want to go to the hospital.

Last Scene/words

Megan : What are you grinning at?

Charlie : You got off with a warning.

Megan : Smart arse! How did you know?

Charlie : Oh you forget I’m management now, done the course, I know what these boys are after – value for money, one look at your records and that’s what he would have seen – bloody good value for money!

Notable Facts

* Radio report says ‘Holby City Casualty at crisis point’

* Megan sees the General Manager at 3.30.

* Charlie tells Valerie he is thinking of going back to full time nursing.

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