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Cas Series

4.2 Accidents Happen – 15/9/89

S4 E2 (15 Sep 89) : Accidents Happen by Bill Gallagher

Episode Summary

Cyril finds out he lost out on the ITU job, to Nurse Sally, he’s annoyed with Charlie. Jimmy gets another telling off from Charlie, he pleads with Charlie not to call the head of portering and give him another chance.

Megan is still not herself, and wrongly diagnoses a gash on a pensioner’s neck as a glass cut, when it is infact a bite mark. But the man, Edwin Crewe, refuses to tell the truth and walks out. Megan persuades him to come back and finds out his dog bit him and he didn’t want them to put him down. She promises no-one else will come but the Social Worker, Sylvia, has already been called, although he manages to get away.

A housewife, Beverly Miles, trips on her vacuum cleaner cable wire and falls down the stairs, as she goes to answer the door. Her neighbour, Eric, a mentally handicapped youth sees her through the window and calls 999. In A&E, Colin, her husband, angrily accuses Eric of causing the accident, Eric falls and hurts his hand – later Colin apologises and thanks him for calling an ambulance. Registrar Andrew Bower operates in CRASH to remove a blood clot from Beverly’s brain. Sally is found crying by Cyril, after observing the operation.

A coach, carrying a group of American tourists crashes. One man, Howard, is brought in with cuts and an eye injury – Lucy manages to remove a splinter from his eye. The group block up the A&E department with minor cuts, one lady, Jill, has a gashed forehead and is stitched up by Cyril. She is a nurse and tells him of the opportunities in the USA, Cyril is tempted.


* Edwin Crewe – pensioner with a bite mark to his neck, caused by his dog. He gives the Social Worker the slip to avoid his dog being put down.

* Beverly Miles – trips and falls down stairs. Operated on in CRASH with a blood clot in her brain.

* Eric – minor hand injury after being pushed by Tom Miles.

* American Howard Stanton – in coach RTA, cuts and splinter to his eye.

* American Nurse Jill – needs stitches after gash to forehead, from RTA.

First Scene/words

It’s raining, Eric is putting the washing out, Beverly looks from next door window/ Man goes in to A&E holding his face;

Julie : (to Megan) They offered me a pay rise in the office, but money isn’t everything, it’s job satisfaction, I wanted a job with responsibility, a job where I could…

Megan : (sees man) Can I help you?

Last Scene/words

Charlie : Cyril – that chat we were gonna have…

Cyril : Oh it’s alright Charlie, don’t matter anymore.

Charlie : What do you mean?

Cyril : I’ve got other plans! (winks)

Notable Facts

* Colin Baker plays Colin Miles.

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