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Cas Series

6.11 The Last Word – 15/11/91

s6e11S6 E11 (15 Nov 91) : The Last Word by Barbara Machin

Episode Summary

The team welcome Staff Nurse Sandra Nicholl back at work, after having a daughter, Laura. Jimmy and Julian are both attracted to her.

A lorry with three workers, Michael, Cliff and Mal, swerve to avoid a car and tumble over a hill. They have been drinking, but the driver, Michael, is found to be under the limit, he suffers a fractured skull and broken arm. Cliff, who was to be getting married the next day, is more seriously injured, he is about to go up to surgery, but has a cardiac tampinard, so Julian decides to keep him in CRASH and operate on him, which is successful, however he later dies. His fiancée, Ellen, is told the news. Mal is upset and feels guilty after spiking their drinks, he suffers a ruptured spleen.

Sandra treats a patient – a woman, Zena, with a bleeding forehead and she also has HIV. Sandra didn’t use gloves and asks Charlie about the risks. Zena’s boyfriend, Rich, arrives and finds out she’s HIV by stealing her notes. He smashes up the interview room, pushing Jimmy into to the door and then confrontsZena, upset she didn’t tell him.

A ballet dancer, Abby, collapses with a rectal bleed and is brought in. Ash discovers she has been taking laxatives and tissues in an effort to remain slim. Dr Bailey examines her and finds she has a bad case of hemorrhoids – Charlie has a go at him for treating her in A&E when she should have been moved elsewhere. Abby tells off her dancer sister, Monica, for contributing to her illness.

Nine year old Liam is playing with his sister, Rachel, when she feeds him too much of his medicine syrup. He overdoses and is brought in, Duffy finds out the truth when Rachel and their Mum, Pat, are in the interview room. He has a washout and is taken to ITU.

Charlie tells Trish he can’t go home with her as he’s working late. Paul brings Peter to Duffy’s work, as he has to go to Birmingham on a job. They argue and he goes home with Peter. When Duffy gets back, she says she refuses to give up nursing and their relationship ends.


* Cliff Davies – dies in surgery from lorry crash.

* Michael Letts – lorry driver, fractured skull and broken arm.

* Mal Wilkinson – damaged spleen.

* Zena Mitchell – HIV woman with bleeding forehead.

* Liam Finlay – 9 year old boy overdosed on antryptalene.

* Abby Larwood – bulimic ballet dancer with hemorrhoids.

First Scene/words

Michael : OK mate, cheers.

Mal : Last day of freedom eh Cliff? Enjoy it, this time tomorrow.

Michael : She’ll have made an honest man of you.

Mal : Hey Mickey come on get some down ya, get some down Einstein you might enjoy it.

Cliff : Shut it, Mal.

Last Scene/words

Paul : We didn’t use to be all problems.

Duffy : Well perhaps we better leave you to it.

Paul : Suit yourself. (leaves room)

Duffy : I’ll go tomorrow then…

Notable Facts

* Minnie Driver plays Zena Mitchell.

* Sandra has a five year old daughter called Laura.

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