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Cas Series

S20 E16

S20 E16 (17 Dec 05) : Do They Know It’s Christmas? by Ann Marie Di Mambro

Episode Summary

Guppy goes to visit Jas, knowing now that he has a terminal brain tumour. Guppy offers to do anything he can to help his father and Jas thoughtfully takes note of this. The two begin to talk and settle their differences, Jas explains why he’s been so hard on Guppy but also finally gives Guppy the approbation he has always craved. Guppy goes back to work, elated by his father’s praise.

In parallel to his own circumstances, Guppy treats terminal patient, Jessica, who suffers from cardiomyopathy. She produces an Advanced Directive and wishes for no drugs or resuscitation to prolong her life. Her daughter, Daisy, is against this and to please her Jessica agrees to have drugs. Guppy tells Daisy her mother is only taking them for her, leading Daisy to tell her mum that she should carry out her wish from now on.

Later Guppy returns to sit with Jas, who says he has something he needs to ask his son. Jas tells him he has no intention of fighting a humiliating losing battle with cancer, his affairs are all in order, so he wants Guppy to end his life now. Guppy is shocked and unable to agree, which brings the anger and nastiness out in his father. Jas claims he knew all along that Guppy was too selfish and weak to do this for him. Guppy’s world crumbles as he is left in an impossible position.

Nina and Abs are sheepishly hoping that they might sort their differences out seeing as it’s Christmas time but when Bruno makes a move on Nina and she rejects him, he spreads a rumour through Woody about sleeping with her, which eventually reaches Abs. At the Christmas party the staff enjoy themselves as Bruno performs stand up comedy and the secret santa gifts are distributed. Abs still hurting, confronts Nina. She’s mortified as she explains what really happened but the fact that Abs believed the lie, hurts Nina more than anything – she tells him that they are finished.

Harry is struggling to implement the 4 hour rule and achieve the targets or else look for a new job. His team, however, are in high spirits looking forward to the Christmas party tonight and are in no mood for a party pooper like Harry. As the department gets busier Harry has no choice but to crack the whip with the staff. With Nathan checking up on him, he hassles the likes of Maggie and Guppy, telling them to speed up, only Ellen is slightly sympathetic. Eventually, the staff reach boiling point and Maggie turns spokesperson for the group telling him that they’re fed up with his new non-patient care act.

The staff go off to the Christmas party in a rebellious mood, leaving an isolated Harry to lick his wounds. Ellen, however has also stayed behind. Harry retires to his office and begins to write his resignation letter, feeling he can no longer implement something that he doesn’t truly believe in. Ellen comes to keep him company, and is shocked by this. She encourages him not to resign by flattering him. Harry’s vulnerable and enjoys her praise, so Ellen seizes her chance and makes a move. Harry responds and the two begin to kiss passionately.

Meanwhile it seems Woody has pulled Kelsey at the party. But just as Kelsey goes to take him home, she finds him asleep drunk in the corner.

At an electrical shop, a number of display shelves fall injuring staff and shoppers. The boss, Mike, is feeling the pressure to reach targets but ends up concerned for worker, Kyle, who was forced to bring his young daughter into work – causing them both to be injured.

Meanwhile, wheelchair bound, Bernie, who was also injured at the shop, makes her own way to hospital. Her bitter and obnoxious manners rubs staff up the wrong way. Another wheelchair-user, David, is also in the department, having made a £20,000 donation to the hospital – Bernie is rude to him when he attempts to introduce himself. As Abs treats her after she has fallen from her car, he discovers why she has so much anger inside. Bernie decides to apologise to David and he leaves his phone number on her plaster cast.


* Kyle Baxter – open leg wound.

* Gemma Baxter – pulmonary contusions in lungs.

* Bernie Calder – leg cuts and fractured arm.

* Jessica Baker – cardiomyopathy.

Notable Facts

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* Ben Roberts (The Bill) plays Mike Meller.

* After Bruno attempts to chat Nina up, she says ‘You pig! giving it all the Mr Nice Guy so you can make a move!’

* Nathan is annoyed when Harry says he’s to busy to do some publicity for the press with the donated £20,000. ‘Are you saying you can’t multi-task?’

* Before asking Guppy about ending his life, Jas bigs him up, telling him how proud he is of him and says ‘I know I’ll be able to count on you’.

* After Mike stands up to his boss at the electrical shop, Maggie makes a dig at Harry ‘Nice to see someone have the courage of his conviction’.

* Kelsey gets a pink thong for her Secret Santa gift.

* Nina is furious at Abs for believing Bruno’s lies, ‘Youdidn’t even give me the benefit of the doubt… we’re over once and for all!’

* Guppy refuses to help end his father’s life. ‘This is against our religion!’. Jas replies ‘Our religion is about honour’. Vindictive Jas calls his son a ‘weak and spoilt boy’.

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