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Cas Series

S20 E39

S20 E39 (3 Jun 06) : All At Sea by by Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope

Episode Summary

Maggie’s interview for the Consultant position is today. She is sceptical, thinking that Nathan’s candidate John will get the job. Maggie is late for the interview as she is held up with a patient. The board decide that if she is not there in five minutes they will write her off. Maggie does make it and Nathan grills her about hospital quotas. Harry interrupts and tries to defend her. Maggie gives a passionate but forceful answer about patient care. When Maggie leaves, the board discuss her interview. Nathan and Dr Greene think her answer was inappropriate but Harry defends her saying he would prefer someone who is passionate to a yes person. Later, Maggie speaks to Harry assuming she didn’t get the job. Harry winds her up for a bit pretending she didn’t get the job but then reveals the job is hers. Maggie is delighted and Harry and the gang celebrate with champagne.

Ellen is back at work, however collapses on shift. Distraught she breaks down to Abs in a cubicle. He suggest reike therapy might help.

Bride-to-be, Jilly, collapses on her hen-night and comes into the ED. Kelsey and Guppy treat her and discover the slimming pills (which contained amphethamines) she has been taking have caused her to have an enlarged heart. Meanwhile Guppy is not impressed when he is seduced in a cubicle by one of her friends after Kelsey tells her he is a virgin.

An elderly man, Mac, is brought in with smoke inhalation following a fire at his house. Maggie discovers old bruising. Later his grandson, Jake, is also brought in and the team soon realise he has mental health problems. Mac has to face up that he can’t cope with his grandson’s behaviour on his own.


* Thomas ‘Mac’ McCardle – smoke inhalation, collar bone injury.

* Jake Harvey – head injury, fractured heel bone.

* Jilly Robinson – enlarged heart.

Notable Facts

* David Hargreaves plays Mac.

* Alex MacQueen plays Dr Keith Greene.

* Songs heard singing during hen night; ‘Relight My Fire’ ; ‘Its Raining Men’; ‘Material Girl’ and ‘Don’t Cha’.

* ‘I don’t know how you can resist him,’ Jilly’s friend, who fancies Guppy, tells Kelsey. ‘I know, everyday’s a battle!’ Kelsey replies sarcastically.

* Ellen tells Abs distraught, ‘Look at me Abs, do you think I can’t see people staring at me?’

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