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Cas Series

S7 E11

S7 E11 (21 Nov 92) : Making Waves by Robin Mukherjee

Episode Summary

Rob has the weekend off and takes a boat trip with his girlfriend Natasha and his father’s friend, Bart, and wife, Sarah. However, the boat hits choppy waters and crashes into a sand bank due to Bart’s mishandling. Rob tries to save Natasha, who is swept away by the waves. Gibbering wreck, Bart, who has a dislocated shoulder, Sarah and Rob are rescued and taken to A&E by Josh and Jane. Josh has to be helped himself when he falls in some quick sand. Natasha is brought in later after being found washed up on a bank, and is resuscitated. Moody Rob breaks down in the toilets infront of Julian, admitting he’s finding it hard to cope.

Young drug addict, Cindy, is trying to give up her habit. She collapses in a playground, after her old needle marks have caused septicemia. Her junkie boyfriend, Joe, visits her and persuades her to take another hit. Charlie is angry, especially when he finds out Joe is HIV and she shared his needle.

Sandra has her disciplinary hearing, Simon pushes Charlie to go by the book. Duffy finds out her biopsy results are negative and Norma reveals her mother has gone into a home.


* Bart – dislocates shoulder after boat accident.

* Natasha – Rob’s girlfriend. Resuscitated after being washed out to sea and found on a bank.

* Rob and Sarah (Bart’s wife) suffer minor injuries.

* Junkie, Cindy Walker – trying to quit the habit. Brought in after catching septicemia from old needle marks.

First Scene/words

Rob, Natasha, Bart and Sarah are by the lakeside. Bart opens some champagne;

Bart : There lets get a bit of drink inside of us. And one for her, there you go, take those Rob

Rob : Thank you very much

Bart : No thank you very much. I was thinking maybe we take the boat down river a bit and get over to see the Regatta

Rob : Sounds great

Last Scene/words

Rob and Julian walk out of toilets;

Rob : I’m cold. (Sandra is taking Natasha upstairs in background)

Bart : I’ll call you. (lifts open)

Notable Facts

* Martin Jarvis plays Bart.

* Rosalind Ayres plays Sarah.

* Juliette Grasby plays Natasha.

* Jan Greavson plays Cindy.

* Michael McNally plays Joe.

* Charlie admits to Duffy he did the same thing as Sandra ten years ago, but no-one found out and the patient was fine.

* The boat Rob was on was a ‘Birchwood Turbo 534’.

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