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Cas Series

S7 E06

S7 E6 (17 Oct 92) : Profit and Loss by Stephen Wyatt

Episode Summary

Maxine has arranged a karaoke evening to boost hospital funds. Sandra manages to persuade Julian to sing ‘A Hard Days Night’ with her.

We are introduced to General Manager, Simon Eastman, who receives a mixture of welcomes. Charlie tells Rob off for eating infront of managers, Maxine thinks he’s ‘quite tasty’ after he gives £10 towards the charity, but Kate is demoralised when he warns her to keep within her budget, after employing agency nurses.

Norma is still upset over her mother, she discusses it with Charlie, who tells her she’s doing the best she can. And Duffy is finding it hard to keep a balance between earning money, but spending enough time with Peter. She also has a run in with Rob about he handles a patient. Ash and Nikki also discuss their mortgage problems.

A family printing business goes up in smoke, unknown to the owner, Ian, who has fixed the fire for an insurance scam, his son, George, returned there and is severely burnt. His wife, Dina, is furious with him.

A couple, Mona, and Lionel, who is terminally ill with motor neurone disease, go to their favourite spot and take an overdose of drugs. A couple find them in the woods, Josh and Jane arrive, but Lionel is dead at the scene. Maria is saved, much to the appreciation of her sister, but when Josh goes to see Maria, he is shocked when she says he should’ve let her die.

An Asian man, Asif, comes in after being brutally attacked. Two men come in and threaten him in the cubicle. Later Asif tells Duffy his whole family have induced racial abuse, and trying to get revenge has only made it worse. Duffy tries her best to advise him.

And Mr Kemp comes in with a cut finger, it’s not the first time he’s been in, all his accidents have been caused by his hobby – bell ringing.


* George Reynolds – severely burnt after family business is set on fire.

* Lionel – has motor neurone disease, dies after a double suicide attempt.

* Maria Harrop – 30 years old, survives after overdosing on drugs.

* Asif – Asian Man, brutally attacked, cuts to face.

* Mr Kemp – needs stitches to fingers after bell ringing accident.

First Scene/words

Lionel is playing the piano, Maria is listening – Lionel, who is unwell, can’t play well – she takes over;

Lionel : You played that beautifully…

Maria : Not as well as you.

Lionel : Maria, you have never played it better.

Maria : Thank you.

Lionel : Feeling alright?

Maria : Yeah.

Lionel : You don’t want to change your mind.

Maria : No of course not, I just want this to be a wonderful evening.

Last Scene/words

Ash in purple car;

Ash : Josh wanna lift?

Josh : Erm, no thanks Ash, I’m OK

Ash : Sorry you couldn’t get to the party.

Josh : There’s always next time!

Notable Facts

* Helen Lederer plays Maria Harrop.

* Peter Gilmore plays Lionel.

* Michael Jayston plays Ian.

* At the karaoke evening, Julian and Sandra sing ‘A Hard Days Night’, Ash sings ‘Oh Carol’ and Maxine sings ‘Twist and Shout’.

* George and Ian go to the ‘Dog and Trumpet’ pub.

* Julian doesn’t drink.

* Julian announces the total raised at the karaoke – £359.50.

* Ash owns a small purple car with a black roof.

Screencaps : S7 E6

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