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Cas Series

S19 E23

S19 E23 (5 Feb 05) : Truth Will Out by Linda Thompson

Episode Summary

Abs tells Ellen he is going to inform the immigration services about her – even if it means he must go to prison. Nina finds out and begs him not to – she says she loves him and does not want him to go to jail. Abs is shocked, he says he loves her too but he must do the right thing and report Ellen. Ellen is preoccupied with Abs’s news and her work suffers. When she is rude to a patient Tess tells her to go home once she has found cover. Later, her failure to notice a patient is deteriorating has near fatal consequences. Harry finds out and is furious, he takes her into his office and reprimands her. Ellen is insolent and Harry warns her that her behaviour was near negligent and he will not forget this.

Guppy does not agree with his father Jas’s prognosis of a patient, Nancy, who has chest pains. He stands up to him with the help of Selena and Harry.

Bex is still upset about Pete. Claire tells her she had no idea he was seeing his receptionist.

Woody and Luke go to a shout where a man, Billy, has been burgled. He has a pet parrot, which messes all over them. Harry and Selena plot to play a practical joke on the pair to pay them back for last week. Harry tells them the parrot droppings could cause a potentially fatal disease. Selena warns them they will need an injection in their bottoms and tells them to go and get undressed. Charlie pulls back the bed curtain to take a Polaroid of the paramedics but they have left dummies lying there – they had guessed it was a joke.

Claire deals with a patient, who claims to have hurt his head with a hammer. He asks her out for a drink, but is then discovered to have been Billy’s burglar.

Tess helps out with the paperwork behind reception whilst [ID 1347]Sam[/ID] is off sick with the flu. After treating a mentally ill patient she breaks down to Abs about Sam. She tells him he does not have flu – she thinks he has a mental illness. Abs comforts her and says he will go and see Sam tomorrow. When Tess gets home she finds Sam lying on the bedroom floor – he tells her he wanted to lie there as he felt it was the safest place to be.

A teenage girl, Naomi, is brought in after falling from her horse when another girl, Kirsty gets in the way. Kirsty is upset that Naomi is leaving the stables and is found to be suffering a mental disorder.


* Naomi Warburton – falls off horse.

* Nancy Platt – angina.

* Billy Hargreaves – breathless after being burgled.

* Man – burglar with cut head.

Notable Facts

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* Nina insults Ellen telling her ‘You’re a bitter, screwed up mess!’

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