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S19 E2 (12 Sep 04) : The Ties That Bind Us (Part Two) by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

Adam is pulled to safety from the underground drain by Nina but, as she gets out, she falls back in and is injured, as this two-part episode kicking off the new series of Casualty concludes. Back at the hospital, Harry examines her and says she may be a quadriplegic as a result of her injuries.

When Adam is brought in, Abs notices that he has the same distinctive bruising that Mel did. Both had been tied with copper wire. Abs tells Tess he thinks the rapist also abducted Adam. Tess bursts into the examination room and shouts at Mel, telling her to help the police or Kayleigh may never be found.

Adam is in intensive care but Kayliegh is still missing and Gina is frantic with worry. She gets the news that every parent dreads – Kayleigh’s body has been found.Mel decides to talk to the police and tells them the rapist dragged her into a van before attacking her. Police investigate a van near the scene and find incriminating copper wire in the back. Lee is the van’s registered owner. Police interview him, but he denies any involvement. Abs and Will arrange for Mel to see Lee on his way out. She positively identifies him and he is arrested for her rape and the murder of Kayleigh. As he is taken away, he sees Gina and Mick. Lee tells Gina he loves her, but she punches him in disgust.

Roxy has been deeply affected by the case and realises she needs to spend more time with her daughter, Nicole, so she decides to quit her job.

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