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Cas Series

S14 E16

S14 E16 (18 Dec 99) : Just A Kiss by Graham Mitchell

Episode Summary

Spencer, a regular in A+E is holding up the queue at the reception desk. When Barney and Sean try to remove him from the department he struggles and falls, knocking over the Christmas tree. He injures his arm and is later found sitting in a cubicle although he has been told to go home.

An anxious wedding party are waiting at the church. They are waiting for the groom to arrive. The wedding car has to carry on driving round the block. They nearly crash into the groom, Kyle, as he runs across the road in front of them. His excuse for being late was his car broke down and he was miles from a telephone box.

Back in the hospital Sean tells Max his mate has offered him a cottage in Wales over Christmas and he wants to change his shifts so he can take time off to spend Christmas with Tina. Max says he’ll do what he can; really he doesn’t want Tina to spend Christmas with Sean.

Tina and Holly discuss the parachute jump. Holly tells Tina not to keep talking about it because she suffers from vertigo. Max asks Holly if she would talk to a journalist from the Holby Gazette about the jump and how the sponsor money is to be put to use. The new Paediatric resus is almost finished.

A car is parked on the edge of a cliff with a woman, Mary, standing by it. A jogger, Trevor, appears. He takes a jog along the ridge and when he returns he sees Mary in her car driving off the cliff and down the embankment. Trevor attempts to reach her by climbing down he slips and falls, breaking his leg. Penny and Josh attend to the accident and later Fin and Mel join them. They realise a team of medics from the hospital is needed and Tina and Max go.

Sean invites Tina to his friend’s cottage over Christmas. He claims there are no strings attached. Tina says declines because she doesn’t want that sort of relationship with him after Chloe’s abortion. Tina also talks to Max about their kiss under the parachute. They say it’s no big deal and after all it was just a kiss.

Holly is treating the jogger, Trevor that was brought in. He asks if she can take the collar off because although his leg hurts he has no pain anywhere else. She reluctantly agrees and begins to remove it. Patrick sees what she is doing and has a go at her for taking the collar off even though she has done the primary survey and found nothing. He tells her she should wait for the x-rays to be done. They leave the cubicle and Holly shouts at Patrick for putting her down in front of a patient. He saunters off saying “I love it when she’s angry.”

The guests from the wedding begin to suffer symptoms present with food poisoning. As the patients arrive Kyle thinks he knows what caused the poisoning; Louise, his ex-girlfriend made a layer of the cake and has completed a Micro Biology degree. He believes that her motive was to get back at him after their split and this was the perfect way because she would know how to culture something to add to the cake. Later we see Louise destroying the left over cake, Kyle’s prediction was correct. Tish, the bride is worried that she made a mistake marrying Kyle. She says Kyle wasn’t sure about it because even the proposal was left down to her. Kyle explains that even though he may be indecisive he always knew he loved Tish. They kiss and make up.

Holly and Sean talk about the argument Holly had with Patrick earlier. He asks if she knew him from before. She admits they were an item at med school but only for a couple of months because it was all she could stand. She admits he fascinated her. She asks Sean not to tell anyone.

The lady who drove over the edge of the cliff, Mary, is brought into recus to be treated. The staff realise that it wasn’t an accident and she tried to commit suicide after taking some pills. Tina calls her son, Ian, and he comes to visit her in the department. He explains that she abandoned him when he was 3. He is angry with her and tries to leave saying her suicide was simply attention seeking. Max speaks to him, persuading him to stay. Ian talks to his mother and insists she receives the treatment she needs.

After the shift Tina finds Max. She tells him she’s spoken to Sean and explained where he stands. She says, “There is something going on here, isn’t there?” Max says he’s sorry, but the situation at work makes it hard. He says, “I just need time to…” but without finishing the sentence says goodbye and walks towards his car. Tina shouts after him, “What are you scared of, Max?” He replies, “Nothing,” and gets in his car.


* Mary MacDonald – attempted suicide

* Trevor – Jogger who suffers leg injuries after attempting to rescue Mary

* Wedding guests – Food poisoning

First Scene/ words

Spencer is by reception, drunk and soaked through. He is telling Amy what happened to him, Barney arrives.

Barney: He’s soaked mate!

Amy: In more ways than one. (Barney passes her a piece of paper) What’s this?

Barney: What you owe, sponsor money for yesterday’s parachute jump.

Amy: Spencer! Can you go and sit down and wait like everyone else

Last Scene/ words

Tina: Max! Thought I’d missed you. I just wanted to let you know I’ve taken your advice and spoken to Sean. You know, you to make things absolutely clear. Look there is something going on here isn’t there? You know after yesterday, or is it just me?

Max: I’m sorry. It’s just this situation at work, I’m really sorry Tina, I just need time to…

Tina: To what?

Max: I’ll see you.

Tina: What are you scared of Max?

Max: Nothing, I’ll see you.

(Review by Chrissy)

Notable Facts

* This is Spencer’s first episode.

* Alan Westaway (The Bill) plays Kyle Patten.

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