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Cas Series

S21 E39

S21 E39 (26 May 07) : The Apostate by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Nathan is desperately trying to contain a leaking sluice pipe and is relieved when Stitch agrees to work a double shift. When Selena fails to spot that a religious woman, Sarah, with acute abdominal pain has arsenic poisoning, she admits that she’s not thinking straight as she’s booked in for an abortion that afternoon.

Nathan tries to talk Selena out of having the abortion, but keeps getting called away because of the sluice pipe and, when it eventually bursts, a frustrated Nathan realises that Selena has already left for the clinic. Maggie isn’t able to tell him where she’s gone leaving leaving Nathan to drive around Holby until he spots her car. Nathan tries in vain to get into the clinic – just as Selena is called in for her appointment.

Nathan returns to the hospital, having failed to stop Selena, whilst Maggie applauds him on finding such a skilled consultant in Stitch, when he saves two patients in quick sucession. But Nathan gets a shock when he goes to Stitch’s office and finds him taking cocaine. When Nathan threatens to report him, Stitch reminds Nathan that as it was him who gave him the job, he’d be the one looking foolish if this got out.

Also, Jeff puts himself up for a transfer so that Dixie doesn’t move Greg away from Cyd.

Other patients include a man, Barry, who has been drinking petrol fluid and a man, Martin, who crashes his car after a suspected heart attack. His pregnant fiance, Faye, ends up learning of his deceit.


* Sarah Hambley – arsenic poisoning.

* Martin Priddie – suspected heart attack.

* Barry Smirthwaite – drinks petrol.

Notable Facts

* Lee Oakes plays Barry Smirthwaite.

* When Cyd has a go at Dixie, Jeff comforts Dixie ‘Maybe it’s her ladies day!’

* Furious at Nathan, Selena says ‘How dare you stand infront of me playing the victim!’

* Dixie says of Cyd ‘I love her more than anyone else ever’.

* Selena’s appointment was at the Redwood Clinic.

* ‘He said I was pretty!’ Kelsey says of a patient. Stitch jokes ‘Check him out for glycoma!’

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