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Cas Series

S7 E21

S7 E21 (6 Feb 93) : Family Matters by Robin Mukherjee

Episode Summary

A young girl, Phillipa, is brought in by her brother, Martin, and his girlfriend, Suzanne. She has been vomiting blood. Mike realises she has been sexually abused. They conclude that the father, Alec, must be the abuser – after Phillipa says ‘Daddy Little comes to visit in the night’, but it transpires when the mother, Madeline, says ‘Alec’s Daddy Big, Martin’s Daddy Little’ – that Martin is the culprit – but it seems he to may have been abused, by his father, Alec.

Two tramps, Wilf and Leonard, are mugged by a gang of youths; Joel, Rick and his girlfriend Sandy. Rick is the gang leader, but Joel gets his hand cut. They go to hospital, where Sandy tells Ash what happened. Ash calls the police and they are taken away – as Leonard dies, they are faced with a murder charge.

A smart young couple, Amanda and Paul, come in. Amanda fakes pains – the condition Gwym Barrie, while Paul steals hospital equipment. Mike says it’s a psychological disorder, as Paul told them her sister recently died. As they leave, Mike’s lost pager goes off in Paul’s hand – but it’s too late to catch them.

Norma is in mourning, after her mother’s funeral – Mike offers her his support. And Maxine’s father comes to see her, he wants Maxine to meet his new young girlfriend, Shelley.


* Phillipa Howard – young girl, has been abused by her brother, Martin.

* Tramps Wilf and Leonard are mugged – Leonard dies and Wilf suffers minor cuts.

* Joel Henderson, one of the youths who attacked the tramps, has a gashed arm

* Amanda Smith – fakes symptoms of Gwym Barrie, so she and Paul can steal.

First Scene/words

On waste ground…

Wilf : We should have gone the other way!

Leonard : It’s quicker this way!

Wilf : Then could you make it quicker (sees Leonard drink some alcohol) Oh for goodness sake Leonard, you know what they said!

Leonard : Get of me!

Last scene/words

Sandra : Wilf, I’m really sorry, I would’ve come sooner, but we’ve been so busy

Wilf : Is he alright?

Sandra : Wilf, I’m afraid he died, a little while ago, we did everything we could for him, well I’m afraid there was nothing else we could do.

Wilf : Well thanks for letting me know.

Sandra : Wilf, you can stay for a while, sometimes it helps to talk. I mean we can give you help, some counselling

Wilf : It’s alright, it’s alright really, I’ll be fine. (walks out of department alone)

Notable Facts

* Film star Kate Winslet, plays Suzanne, girlfriend of Martin.

* Rene Zagger (The Bill) plays Rick.

Screencaps : S7 E21

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