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Cas Series

S7 E14

S7 E14 (19 Dec 92) : Point of Principle by Peter Bowker

Episode Summary

An unemployed cycling enthusiast, Frank, is racing a rival, Tony, down a country road, when their pedals lock and they collide at speed. Frank is taken to CRASH, where he has a fractured femur and pelvis – Julian operates on him in theatre. Frank’s wife, Angela, is upset, she reveals to Sandra she has been working for Tony – £1.20 an hour doing ‘chat lines’ – Frank doesn’t know, but they need the money.

The owner, Brian, of a pit bull terrier called Pirate, comes in with horrific injuries, after he tried to stop an illegal dog fight, between his dog and another. He has bad gashes. A man, Guy, comes in warning him to keep quiet, and telling him that his dog is dead. Duffy advises Brian that he doesn’t need friends like him.

An ice skater, Beverly, is being pushed by her adoptive father, Robert, to compete in events. However, she wants to study law, she deliberately lets the wheel of their car crush her foot. Her adoptive mother, Liz, realises what she did, but they don’t tell Robert.

Julian learns that they failed in their bid for a trauma bid, he is increasingly annoyed, especially at [ID 362]Simon[/ID]. Ash rang up the press, and now reporters are in the department, not expecting an enraged Julian to resign infront of them. Charlie tries to persuade him to stay, and Sandra is upset, but he is set on leaving – Simon tells him to leave immediately – and with the press on his heels, he speeds off in his Mercedes.


* Unemployed cycling enthusiast, Frank Holt, suffers a fractured femur and pelvis, after an accident involving another cyclist, Tony.

* Brian – attacked by a dog, in a fight.

* Teenage ice skater, Beverly Robson – broken ankle after deliberately putting her foot infront of the car wheels.

First Scene/words

(Frank & Angela’s house)

Frank : Don’t tell me, you’re going in early again

Angela : Yeah Mr Renshaw asked me, we do need the extra

Frank : I know I know

Last Scene/words

(Outside department)

Roger : Will you make a statement?

Julian : No!

Roger : Is this a personality clash, or is it a case of the government against the NHS?

Julian : The latter.(more journalists asks questions, Julian leaves in his car, with Simon looking from an upstairs window)

Notable facts

* Reporter, called by Ash, was Roger Wade, from Radio Holby.

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