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Cas Series

S20 E28

S20 E28 (11 Mar 06) : Heroes and Villains by Steve Lightfoot

Episode Summary

Nathan gloats when he sees how few people are using the Hep B clinic; all the more reason to close it down.

Comfort and Luke bring Karen Carson to the ED. She collapsed in the street and say’s there’s nothing wrong with her, it’s just a bit of indigestion, but Selena insists she needs an ECG. Kelsey is shocked when she recognises Karen, and tries her hardest not to treat her, palming off her treatment onto Ellen and Sam, but she can’t avoid her forever. Selena finds a slight abnormality on Karen’s ECG and wants to keep her in for further tests, but Kelsey takes advantage of the fact Karen’s keen to get home, and lets her discharge herself before the blood tests are back. Selena is furious with Kelsey for letting Karen go home. Karen’s blood tests indicate that she may have had a minor heart attack, and that a larger one could follow at any time. Tess is also furious with Kelsey, saying that if her extra work at the Hep B clinic is going to start affecting her normal shifts, then she’ll have to stop.

A worried Kelsey goes to track Karen down. Kelsey waits anxiously for a cab so that she can track down Karen, but is interrupted by Luke and Comfort. She persuades Luke to help bring Karen in. It’s just like a 999 call without the actual call. Luke reluctantly agrees to take her while Comfort books in their patient. Luke drives Kelsey to a less salubrious part of town, and is shocked when Kelsey blurts out that she knows the massage parlour where Karen works, because she used to work there herself. It takes Kelsey a while to convince Karen to come back to hospital, but she finally tells her why she was so keen to get Karen out of hospital: she was scared she’d recognise her and blow her secret. Karen assures Kelsey she didn’t recognise her, and even if she did, she would never have said anything. Selena sees Karen and refers her to the cardiac unit. Kelsey apologises again, but Karen understands and is just grateful she came to find her. Kelsey asks if Karen could do something for her, and tell the girls in her place about the hep B clinic. Knowing that Kelsey once worked in this world, we begin to understand why the Hep B clinic is so important to her. Karen promises she’ll spread the word.

Luke teases Kelsey about her secret, but she manages to turn it round so it looks like he got the wrong end of the stick and she just worked at the massage parlour reception. She cleverly jokes it off, and her secret is safe again.

Elsewhere, Ellen is suffering from terrible morning sickness and worries when she starts spotting.

Meanwhile, Selena is feeling depressed after her resignation from her police job. Her day is made even more stressful when Nathan gives her a hard time at work, and fails to offer her any support.

Brothers Tommy and Joe are burgling a house, when it’s owner, Mina, unexpectantly arrives back. Mina gives chase in her car but a collision with the burglar’s van occurs. Tommy runs off leaving his brother stuck in the van. Meanwhile Mina suffers a leg injury and a pelvic fracture. In hospital, Mina is upset when Joe dies but even more furious when her husband reveals he arranged the burglary for an insurance scam.

After a long, hard day, Abs convinces Sam to go for a celebratory ‘first day’ drink.


* Karen Carson – heart condition

* Joe Staines – dies after van collision.

* Mina Russell – leg injury, pelvic fracture

* Wesley Price – arm injury.

Notable Facts

* Seeta Indrani plays Mina.

* Selena is not impressed when Nathan is not keen to ask why she is upset. ‘Sounds like a can of worms’ he says, unwilling to question her further.

* Kelsey reveals she worked at the massage parlour for two weeks.

* Sam is worried that he isn’t up to the job, he tells Abs ‘I want to be good – the best HCA ever, but I’m rubbish.’ But Abs offers his support ‘You’ve got a real instinct to care – no-one can teach you that’.

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