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Cas Series

S20 E29

S20 E29 (18 Mar 06) : Family Matters by Danny McCahon

Episode Summary

Ellen worries about her scan but Harry reassures her that it is just a precautionary measure. Ellen goes for her scan and panics when the nurse says she is going to get the doctor. She looks at the screen but there is no baby there. Harry goes to see Ellen and asks if she lied about the baby. Ellen is distraught and insists she did three pregnancy tests. Harry says he will speak to the consultant to find out what happened. Later, Harry breaks the news – the consultant thinks she was never pregnant but instead had a molar pregnancy. This rare condition would explain the positive result and the morning sickness. Ellen is devastated to learn she was never carrying a baby but Harry has more bad news – Ellen has a growth in her uterus which needs to be removed.

Six year old Douglas is brought in after having fallen from a roof at school. He has learning difficulties and his teacher wants him to be statemented to give him extra support at school however his angry father doesn’t want his son to be treated differently or classed as stupid. Sam looks after the young boy and gains his trust – he discovers the boy jumped from the roof, trying to fly. Sam is overwhelmed by the case, frustrated that he can’t help the boy further and Tess finds him nearly in tears. Tess is concerned that Sam is not able to cope with the emotional challenges his job will entail.

Meanwhile, Selena decides to end her relationship with Nathan, feeling he is unable to give her the emotional support she needs. However she is shocked when he later acts like it was him that ended the relationship.

Pregnant factory worker, Kendra, argues with her boyfriend’s mother, Jocelyn after learning he has just been sent to jail for five years. She tells Jocelyn she is planning to give her baby up for adoption. It leads to Kendra suffering a fall. Kendra learns how much Jocelyn really cares for her when her and her baby’s life are at risk and decides against adoption. She later has a baby girl.

Band members Johnny and Rob argue and during a rehearsal, a power surge causes the set to collapse. A metal rod goes through Rob’s shoulder and also traps Johnny. They contrinue to argue before eventually making amends.


* Douglas – fractured wrist and leg injury.

* Kendra – pelvic fracture, c-section delivers baby girl.

* Rob – metal rod through shoulder.

* Johnny – minor injuries.

Notable Facts

* Alison Newman (Footballer’s Wives, Hazel) plays Jocelyn.

* A Green Day song plays at the beginning of the episode.

* ‘So Mr Spencer isn’t Mr Right?’ Maggie asks Selena, after seeing her avoid him.

* Tess tells Sam ‘We face emotional challenges like this everyday’. Sam realises it’s going to be difficult but remains that he wants to do a worthwhile job.

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